Equity crowdfunding: the ultimate guide to successful investing in 7 moves

Equity crowdfunding: the ultimate guide to successful investing in 7 moves

25 July 2023





Have you recently joined the Mamacrowd community and aren't quite sure how to go about it? Or have you been a part of it for some time, but still have some doubts about how equity crowdfunding could help you reach your financial goals?

Whatever your answer, we at Mamacrowd have the solution for you.

We have collected the most frequently asked questions from our users and created the ultimate guide to investing in equity crowdfunding, with the 7 tips that are essential to know.

Our goal is to provide you with all the knowledge you need to consciously invest in equity crowdfunding and make the most of this tool in a simple and accessible way.

Are you ready to start this journey of financial education and become the most interesting person in the room?
Let's get started

  • What types of crowdfunding exist? What is the difference between lending and equity crowdfunding? Let's start with the basics to better understand how to navigate technical terms and features. Click here 👇🏻
    Lesson 1 - What is equity crowdfunding?

  • What are the benefits and risks and why choose this tool over other forms of investment? What unique opportunities can it offer? We'll let you in on all the secrets in detail, click here 👇🏻
    Lesson 2 - Why invest in equity crowdfunding?

  • Having reached this point we are sure you have become a pro, but there is still one piece of the puzzle missing: how do you choose the equity crowdfunding platform with which to invest? We discuss this in the seventh and final lesson, click here 👇🏻
    Lesson 7 - How to choose a crowdfunding platform

Whether you are a neophyte looking for simple explanations or an experienced investor ready to take advantage of new opportunities, save the guide and come back to it if you have any doubts or uncertainties.

Equity crowdfunding is a democratic tool that can offer, starting with small amounts, a world of opportunities to anyone interested in diversifying their investments and supporting innovative businesses and the real economy.

Now you have all the information and tools to invest successfully and consciously!
Are you Ready?


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