Covid emergency doesn't stop equity crowdfunding

Covid emergency doesn't stop equity crowdfunding

23 October 2020





A 26% growth in the first nine months of 2020 for equity crowdfunding investments, which raised €57 million. The fact to highlight is that the acceleration of campaigns occurred in the first half of the year, which coincided with the lockdown period. Looking at the numbers, about 39 million were raised in this period. This is what emerged in the last panel of Milano Finanza Digital Week, which ended on October 1, dedicated to the prospects of investment through equity crowdfunding platforms.

What are the most relevant changes?

Although the campaigns have recorded a decrease in the average number of participants , from 137 to 119, there has been a growth in the average individual investment, from 3300 to 4700 euros . This is another fact to highlight, taking into account the difficult historical moment and the reduction in personal financial capacity.

In this delicate phase, equity crowdfunding has fuelled confidence in SMEs, giving them the opportunity to invest in the real economy, where they can personally assess the value of the company of which they become members.

There is also an evolution in the average size of campaigns, which have gone from €435 to €560,000. The complicated and uncertain economic scenario in which we are living does not encourage investors to take risks, and it is for this reason that during the period under analysis, investment vehicles have experienced strong growth. These are funds that invest in innovative companies, offering greater possibilities for diversification. The need to diversify the capital invested has also led to the increasing emergence of platforms as intermediaries. At the moment in our country there are 15 of them and 7 of them make up 96% of the 2020 fundraising.

And Mamacrowd?

The platform, as a point of reference in Italy for equity crowdfunding, during the lockdown launched an appeal to companies able to relaunch the recovery after the lockdown imposed by the epidemic with Mamacrowd calls Italy.

Confirming the data presented, also for Mamacrowd the months of lockdown due to the pandemic were those in which the flow of investments and the raising of capital on the market grew. Among the activated campaigns we remember that of Yakkyofythe startup that through the dropshipping method has revolutionized the world of e-commerce and has raised € 487,918 in equity crowdfunding investments.

Coderblock , the digital platform that has created a virtual office for smart working, was followed by Coderblock , with 250,000 euros invested. EZ LabCoderblock, an innovative SME specialising in blockchain applications for the agri-food sector, with €742,737 of invested capital. And again Playwood , specialized in modular furniture, has collected 296,235 euros of investment. Finally OrapescePlaywood, the digital platform for the purchase and home delivery of fresh Italian fish, which reached €399,995 in investments.

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