The (economic) health of businesses on Mamacrowd

The (economic) health of businesses on Mamacrowd

21 April 2020






The COVID-19 emergency is the bearer of an epochal change that is benefiting many companies on an economic level: flexible companies, able to adapt quickly or that have seen their business transformed from a convenience to an essential service.

For this reason we at Mamacrowd have launched the initiative Mamacrowd ChiAMA Italy, focusing structure and investors to companies with business particularly suited to what will be the new normal and that is giving the first positive results.

How are companies in the country facing this period?

For some businesses, the evolution has been almost natural: Yakkyofy has had a huge growth in turnover, exceeding 2.3 million euros in less than a month, more than the entire 2019 turnover.

Some have decided to dedicate a new business unit to the healthcare sector:

  • Ez Lab is tracking diagnostic kits for coronavirus identification. The demand is so high that the innovative SME has launched a recruitment campaign, to increase its workforce.
  • ECTM decided, at the beginning of the emergency, to invest in the import/export of masks and other sanitary materials, with a turnover of 400 thousand € on this new B.U. alone.
  • Adapting to circumstances also means changing one's plans: this is the case of Playwood , which worked day and night to launch, several months in advance, a new line of modular furniture, completely designed for those who, forced by the lockdown, work from home.
    The results? +201% e-commerce turnover in Europe and +365% in the USA.

    Also Teyuto, since the beginning of the virus emergency, has recorded a 125% increase in the opening of proprietary video channels and is following more than 50 schools and universities in the digitalization process, for the creation of its own video area for online teaching.

    But what a business should never lack is a long-term strategy: in the new post-virus era, digital will be at the centre, even in sectors that are still totally analogue, such as floriculture. Those who, like Bloovery, manage an e-commerce platform that allows florists to place orders in just a few clicks, will find themselves one step ahead of everyone else.

    Equity crowdfunding is an alternative tool for raising capital dedicated to unlisted companies and represents a great opportunity for investors, especially in this period of "economic uncertainty".

    Every year the market grows by leaps and bounds and this is an indicative factor: many people now see a clear opportunity in equity crowdfunding.

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