Real estate crowdfunding is on Mamacrowd

Real estate crowdfunding is on Mamacrowd

08 May 2020






Equity crowdfunding allows us to invest in the unlisted, moving away from the trends of the stock market.
Mamacrowd was the first Italian platform to offer this service, allowing its users to increasingly expand their investment portfolio, through companies operating in all sectors, technological or not.It is precisely diversification that we invite you to think about, today more than ever: with this spirit we have decided to open up to real estate crowdfunding, with a pure real estate development project.

What is real estate crowdfunding?

It is a type of crowdinvesting that opens the world of real estate to the collective, with the possibility of investing more or less large sums. As with other equity projects, real estate crowdfunding allows you to acquire shares that will bear fruit, but in a shorter time and with a more tangible basis. The minimum investment of €500 greatly reduces the risk associated with a large use of capital, which has precluded many so far from investing "in the brick". A real estate crowdfunding campaign can aim to finance the purchase of a property, its renovation or construction from scratch, with the ultimate goal of marketing and making a profit.

Why invest in real estate crowdfunding?

Because we can all do it, even if we don't have large amounts of capital or particular technical knowledge: even the time to devote is limited because all the necessary documentation, prepared by a team of professionals, can be found online on the reference portal.

Because this is a $12 billion market, led by the USA with $7.4 billion and booming in Europe as well, with almost €1.7 billion raised.

The advantages:

  • Real estate is a concrete and tangibleasset
  • The prospective annual return on investment is, on average, 10%.
  • The returns are realized over a short period of time
  • It is a low risk investment
  • Why Mamacrowd?

    Mamacrowd is not a portal that deals vertically with real estate, this allows you to diversify your investment portfolio and reduce the risk of being tied to one sector.
    With Mamacrowd chiAMA Italia we have launched an appeal to companies that today and tomorrow will help to live "the new normal": not only start-ups and SMEs, but any kind of service that before could be secondary and today instead is indispensable. What creates value in this case is a project that interprets the needs of one of the elements that has recently characterized our daily lives in a particular way: the home.

    Housing needs have already changed and the search for products and services that can meet them is growing rapidly. The project of via Gallarate 311 is part of this context: it consists of two buildings already built to the rustic, enriched by private outdoor spaces for each apartment and large common green areas. It is a modern project with high added value, thanks to the presence of many services within the housing complex. The concreteness and reliability are accentuated by the strategic position in which the residential property is located: Via Gallarate in Milan, a rapidly expanding area.


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