01 December 2017






NK Group is the Innovative SME that in 2015 launched Natked, an innovative and scalable format in fitness, wellness and personal care.

The campaign in the first days raised 370,662 euros, reaching 247% overfunding > participate in the campaign.

The first Natked centre in Milan, which is already profitable after a year and a half of activity, employs high-level professionals and offers a method that integrates training without equipment, therapies and specialised medical examinations, personalised training and nutritional education.

Natked develops three business directives. In the B2C area, it aims to serve an ever-growing demand of clients, in Milan and other cities, with the opening of new centers. The first center has 1500 members and peak times are already fully booked.

In the B2B channel, it works with the staff of the increasing number of welfare-oriented companies that invest in the health of their employees. Clients include Samsung, Intesa Vita, HSBC Bank, Axelero and Marrionaud.

It also aims to train new specialized professionals through theAcademy which, in the first 2 editions, involved over 35 participants. The aim is to train health and wellness experts who will become ambassadors of the innovative Natked method.

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