Crowdfunding and sustainable enterprises

Crowdfunding and sustainable enterprises

05 November 2020







In recent years crowdfunding is taking an increasingly central role in the growth of sustainable businesses and green startups. Worldwide since 2012, more than 450 crowdfunding platforms operating in sustainability and environmental protection have sprung up. Reducing environmental impact has become a necessity for both large businesses and small companies. However, smaller companies often find it more difficult to launch green projects due to a lack of capital and funding; even many consumers, who want to invest in the values they believe in, don't have the financial ability to do so.

And that's where crowdfunding comes in, which, thanks to the power of the web and social media has become a viable funding option. It allows green startups to take off and consumers to have a real impact in contributing to the improvement of the planet with the development of green products and services.

What is Europe's position on sustainability?

With the Green Deal approved at the beginning of 2020, the EU has defined a precise strategy that should lead all companies to achieve an energy transition capable of making the economy sustainable by 2050. What does this mean? To reach zero polluting emissions by this date. This transformation will involve not only the energy sector, but also the transport and construction sectors. To achieve this goal will be launched a huge investment plan, each state will have access to a package of financial aid and funds, for a total of 1,000 billion euros in 10 years. Specifically to our country will be allocated about 364 billion.

And Italy?

According to a study by Refinitiv, a global provider of data and infrastructure for the financial market, Italian companies are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of policies to support the environment. Here are some figures: 74% of companies have a policy to reduce environmental emissions, 70% communicate their suppliers' environmental policies and polluting water emissions stand at an average of 306 tons against the European average of 15,000 tons.

In addition, following the hard months of lockdown for the pandemic caused by Covid, 110 companies have signed the Manifesto "Exit from the pandemic with a new Green Deal for Italy" which aims to put in place increasingly sustainable policies to address the emergencies of the future.

Mamacrowd and green equity crowdfunding

Mamacrowd believes in green projects, that's why at the end of October was launched the campaign of LifeGate, a company that has been promoting the theme of sustainability in Italy for 20 years with the aim of awakening a new environmental and social awareness. It is a community of 5 million users, which over the years has supported more than 5000 companies with strategic consulting activities, incorporating sustainability into their products and processes using increasingly innovative communication tools.

According to data from the 6th National Observatory on Sustainable Lifestyle, published by Lifegate on April 22, Italians who have adopted a sustainable lifestyle are 36 million. This evolution therefore accelerates the transition towards an increasingly green economy.


Dario Giudici, CEO of Mamacrowd, explains: "For us, the interest in this campaign is both that which exists in any other campaign we choose to support, and an interest linked to the value of sustainability. The theme of social impact is something that we have done very little of on our platform, but that we want to do and starting with LifeGate, which has a 20-year history behind it, is really great. For us it is also a learning moment, because we understand how the market, that is, equity crowdfunding investors, react to this type of proposal."


Mamacrowd is therefore committed to supporting both sustainable projects of companies with an important background like Lifegate and at the same time to support startups that want to conquer the green market. In this regard is coming soon on the platform the project of Acquainbrick, innovative startup that has created a recyclable and customizable cardboard solution for walking water bottles.

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