The 2016 of equity crowdfunding and Mamacrowd

The 2016 of equity crowdfunding and Mamacrowd

22 December 2016





The end of 2016 is near and with it the balance of the year we are leaving behind. We offer a summary of the most important events of 2016 in the world of equity crowdfunding and our platform:

February 2016: Consob issues long-awaited equity crowdfunding reform. It is no longer necessary to have supra-threshold investors (who invest more than 500 and 5,000 euros respectively as a natural and legal person) profiled by a bank or SIM. At the same time, the category of "professional investor" (who must fund at least 5% of a campaign) is configured to two new types of investors: those "supporting innovation" (identified by Consob with objective criteria) and "on-demand" (as defined by the European discipline on the provision of investment services (Mifid).

April 2016: SiamoSoci launches the equity crowdfunding platform Mamacrowd with its first offering. Club Italia Investimenti 2 is the first Club Deal in Europe to seek funding through equity crowdfunding.

July 2016: The new platform of the Companies Registry to build innovative startups online, free of charge and without a notary, is now active.

September 2016: equity crowdfunding reform becomes operational and the new thresholds for investing as a natural person and legal entity come into effect in addition to the verification of the appropriateness applied by the platforms towards investors.

Mamacrowd closes the overfunding campaign of Club Italia Investimenti 2Mamacrowd overfunded its campaign, raising 120% of the capital for a total of €207,930 in endorsements against the€174,000 requested. In addition to being the first club in Europe to raise funds in equity crowdfunding, another Italian record is reached : 183 investors compared to a national average of 30/40 investors for each collection.

October 2016: Diego Piacentini, after a career between Amazon and Apple, becomes extraordinary commissioner for the implementation of the Digital Agenda.

Mamacrowd adapts its portal to the Consob directives outlined in the reform implemented in September and, as soon as possible, starts the first offer aligned to the new rules: to launch it is Parterre, a platform based on mobile apps that collect real-time data from the public through entertainment systems and information on social networks.

In the following two months there were 5 sectors in which to invest, thanks to the launch of as many offers:

  • Sharing Mobility, with. Scuter: startup that has designed a three-wheeled electric vehicle with a view to sharing mobility. Designed for shared use, it can be parked anywhere and paid only for the time of use.

  • Fruit farming, with PerFrutto: startup created by a team of researchers and professors from the University of Bologna, which makes it possible to improve fruit growth, optimise the resources used in agriculture and forecast production.

  • 3D printing, with Felfilaccelerated within Treatabit, a path for digital startups at I3P, an incubator of the Politecnico di Torino, the startup has created a filament extruder for 3D printers, making the process more ecological and economical.

  • Real Estate, with Gromia: startup created to disintermediate the rental market, offers homeowners an online way to manage apartments and the.

  • Mobile App, with Parterre: company providing entertainment and data collection solutions dedicated to TV and traditional media.

The 2016 of Mamacrowd in numbers:

April - December

December 2016: In the last days of the Renzi government, the 2017 Budget Law was approved, which provides, among other things, thetax relief increased to 30%. tax rate for those who invest in startups (compared to the previous 19% and 20% for natural and legal persons respectively).

Since the opening of the platform, a total of 277 adhesions for a total of 438,070 € collected. Of the 6 open campaigns, one has closed in overfunding, two are close to 90%, one to 70% and one, opened a few days ago, has exceeded 25% of the collection*.

Thanks to the new partnerships signed with the certified incubator Friuli Innovazione and 012 Factory, there are now 34 partners with which SiamoSoci, the portal manager, collaborates to offer the best of Italian innovation to the community and new investors of Mamacrowd. Among these, accelerators and incubators that help the most promising companies to grow and improve their businesses.

We expect an even more intense and eventful 2017, in which equity crowdfunding will become an increasingly accessible and useful tool for those who want to invest in innovative startups. For our part, we are working so that Mamacrowd will be enriched with new offers and features for its investors.

*Data updated on 28 December 2016.

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