The benefits of real estate crowdfunding

The benefits of real estate crowdfunding

31 January 2022




Real estate investments throughequity crowdfunding represent a revolutionary opportunity within the Real Estate sector, which has always seen access barriers characterized by investments with high figures and need for expertise in the field.

To allow its investors to seize this opportunity, since 2020 Mamacrowd has opened its doors to real estate crowdfundingcampaigns.

Even if you are not an expert in the field:

The bureaucratic and expertise barrier is nullified by the fact that all the necessary documentation is prepared by a team of professionals and can be found online, on the relevant portal.

The initiative is managed by a professional and qualified person , as for any other investment in alternative financial products; in the case of a real estate investment, however, it will be based on a more tangible and concrete product.

The crowd investor will have access to a campaign validated by the equity crowdfunding platform only after a detailed due diligence on the project and the company "sponsoring" it.

The Return on Investment:

Going into detail, the investment in real estate crowdfunding generates a very interesting return when considering the risk/investment ratio. Depending on the characteristics of the projects, you can perceive annual returns even in double digits, with a short/medium-term time horizon.

Diversify with real estate:

Low risk is only possible if you make a proper diversification of your real estate portfolio, allocating the risk/benefit on multiple projects, differentiating them by use, city and type (development, fractionation etc).

For example, in 2021 Milan has shown great resilience in the sector, so much so that it is comparable to large European cities (Find out why).

In conclusion, an investment through a real estate crowdfunding campaign also has the advantage of being regulated at a national and European level by bodies such as Consob and Esma, which protect the interests of the investor.

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