Real Estate Market Trends for 2022

Real Estate Market Trends for 2022

14 March 2022




A look at the market in 2021

Before we start talking about the housing market for 2022, let's take a step back on the trend and most important data of 2021.

Last year ended with about 721,000 purchases and sales, a value that exceeds 2019 and thus the period before covid by more than 100,000 units.

This number is also higher than the forecasts resulting from the natural course of the "real estate cycle", which at the beginning of the year were around 630,000 purchases and sales.

Such encouraging figures are the result of a sudden change in mentality and priorities that the pandemic has brought into our lives, putting home spaces in a privileged position compared to the past, with many Italians feeling the need to have access to environments that are closer to their new living needs.

A major contribution to the realization of these results has also come from mortgage subsidies, accompanied by initiatives in favor of young people.

How 2022 began

The big recovery in 2021on the other hand, in 2022 the market has 720,000 properties that have just been taken off the market: this translates into a lack of supply, at least for the first few months.

For the current year, the numbers of purchases and sales recorded in 2021 are not expected because there should be a natural readjustment of the balance after the considerable jolt that the real estate market has received in the last two years.

What do people look for from a property in 2022?

The type of demand for 2022 confirms many new trends born during and after lockdown periods. As far as the needs for the residential market are concerned, we see an increasing demand for a "multifunctional" house, with larger dimensions and modular spaces. Inevitable a space for remote working, more and more protagonist in the labor market and an integral part of everyday life of many Italians. Even outdoor spaces such as gardens, balconies and terraces are increasingly important when looking for a new home.

In the last two years we also have a marked attention to condominium services, such as box locker, garden and gym.

In addition, thanks to higher possibilities of movement offered by flexible and smart forms of work, there is a greater interest in buying second homes, to alternate with everyday life periods of "vacation" outside the big cities.

These new trends in demand in the residential sector have shown how one of the immediate and lasting consequences of the pandemic (we had already talked about it in 2020 ) on the real estate market has been the emergence of new housing needs related to home spaces and the house itself as a concept of a place to be actively lived and not as a simple place of support.

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