Fluidia, the innovative method for the early diagnosis of cancer - Mamacrowd Blog

Fluidia, the innovative method for the early diagnosis of cancer - Mamacrowd Blog

30 April 2018





Fluidia has patented an innovative technology for the early diagnosis of cancer that is ready to revolutionize preventive medicine. To date, the campaign has raised €90,000 from 47 investors > go to the campaign

It exploits the potential of new classes of biomarkers, particular proteins linked to the onset and evolution of numerous diseases.
The technology, which ishighly scalableand applicable to other common diseases, aims to develop a new generation of in vitro diagnostic tests.

The test, cheap and non-invasive, allows to obtain with a high degree of reliability indications on kidney, lung and colorectal cancers already in the early stages of the disease, thanks to simple sampling of biological fluids. The validation of the test and its subsequent introduction on the market would not only improve the diagnosis and prognosis of renal, lung and colorectal cancer, but would also exert a high social impact, understood as an increase in the survival expectancy of patients, and economicimpact, understood as a decrease in expenditure for health systems.
Fluidia's screening is potentially applicable to 400 million at-risk individuals.
The cancer testing market is continuously seeking innovative solutions on a large scale and already accounts for 10% of the global in vitro diagnostics market ($78 billion by 2021).

The market's need to develop new instruments capable of more accurately managing tumor pathologies and the uniqueness of the technology developed guarantee the sustainability of the business model adopted by Fluidia.

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