Edgar, the mobile technology for non-hotel accommodation

Edgar, the mobile technology for non-hotel accommodation

19 June 2018





Edgar is an innovative mobile technology dedicated to operators in the non-hotel sector that allows them to optimise the earnings from each guest and personalise the customer experience. To date it has collected 210,000 euros of endorsements, reaching 140% overfunding compared to the minimum capital required > go to the campaign and invest

The product is designed to meet the needs of non-hotel operators and, at the same time, those of customers. In fact, through a single application

  • non-hotel operators can manage the relationship with their customers before, during and after their stay and propose services inside and outside their structures, saving time, increasing earnings and increasing the quality of the service;
  • customers can discover and book all the services they need, without having to resort to external operators and platforms.


    Egdar responds to decisive trends that have disrupted the tourism industry:

    • the 40% increase in non-hotel facilities from 2008 to 2016;
    • the decreasing profitability of guests: 60% of customers book extra services by disintermediating the structures that host them;
    • the increasingly mobile travel experience: 70% of tourists use technology;
    • theinadequacy of the operators: 70% declares that they do not have adequate technological solutions to meet the needs of their guests.

    The solution proposed by Edgar is part of a huge new market, the result of the strong growth of the non-hotel sector and the propensity to disintermediate through the use of mobile services. Edgar has the objective of entering and capturing value in this market, not yet attacked by the most important players in the tourism sector, proposing a unique technological tool that already counts more than 1000 services and over 80 thousand points of interest throughout Italy.


    The company can count on strategic partnerships with property management and real estate operators, a team with more than 40 years of experience in the digital travel sector and industry professionals who have already invested in the product, which has already been validated on more than 500 properties.

    Discover Edgar's campaign and invest

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