The race to digitize corporate governance is growing

The race to digitize corporate governance is growing

03 December 2018





The Italian digital market achieved a 2.3% growth in 2017, with an estimated 2.8% in 2018 and positive projections until 2020.
The data are also encouraging with regard to ICT software and solutions, which recorded a growth of 5.9% (Assinform data)
In this scenario, the race to digitalization is very much felt by companies, especially for smaller realities that struggle to keep up with technological evolution.

It is precisely in the market of ICT solutions, whose value in 2017 is estimated at 6,626 million euros and grew by +5.9%, that My Governance is placed.
My Governance is the product of the innovative startup MyGo, created to support 1 million potential customers in the digitalization of the paper and document component: SMEs, Multinationals, Professional Studies, Public Administrations.

Investments in digital infrastructures allow Italian companies to remain competitive, concentrating their energies on core and high value-added activities, which enable them to increase productivity both internally and, from a macro perspective, of the entire country system.


A strong push towards digitization has also come from recent regulatory developments, which have given decisive and binding importance to the adequacy of companies' information systems, both for the management, processing and storage of data (GDPR) and for the reporting of corporate offences.

Thecomplexity of the regulatory framework has created real gaps in the market offering of solutions: the My Governance software suite is able to solve concrete problems in corporate governance, such as the creation of an IT channel to report wrongdoings within companies or the registration of guests in the company in a GDPR-compliant way.

The My Governance suite consists of several modules dedicated to specific needs and allows real cost savings: to give an example, handling paper documents and emails costs as much as 6,000 euros for a company with 5 employees and 90,000 euros for a company with 500 employees.

OnMonday 10 December at 18:00, Davide Caiazzo, CEO & Founder of My Governance, will present the company live: a unique opportunity to ask questions about the company and learn more about investing online > book your place at the webinar


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