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Wetaxi is the platform to call a taxi in Italy that tells you immediately how much you spend. Today it is present in more than 26 Italian cities.

  • Collaborative Model: Wetaxi is the partner of radio taxis and Italian taxi drivers

  • Proprietary and innovative technology: Guaranteed Maximum Fare and Shared Taxi

  • Coverage and diffusion (over 5,500 taxis in 26 Italian cities)

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Goal min 750 k€

OVERFUNDING New goal max: 824,5 k€

Total Collected

826.493 €




11 Mln€

Minimum goal

750 k€

Minimum Order

998,49 €



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Wetaxi was founded in 2017 in Turin, with the aim of improving mobility in the main Italian cities. Thanks to its open and versatile platform, in a short time it extends the service to Rome, Milan and Naples.

Today more than 200,000 users choose Wetaxi, who make thousands of Wetaxi rides every day, and more than 5,500 taxi drivers, from 26 Italian cities

Wetaxi enters the market with a winning formula, that of collaboration and transparency.

The taxi market is in fact characterized by segmentation and territorial differences, due to municipal regulations that determine the service. There is a need for conscious innovation, which allows for integrated platforms and services, guaranteeing protection for operators and responding to the increasingly smart needs of users.

Thanks to its collaborative approach, Wetaxi acts as a partner to existing players and not as a competitor, providing both an innovative technology to Cooperatives and a homogeneous service to users who, thanks to its rapid diffusion, can call a taxi with a single app in over 26 Italian cities.

Wetaxi's success is based on maximum transparency and innovation, which Wetaxi guarantees to both partners and users: unlike national and international competitors, Wetaxi stipulates clear and invariable agreements with partners; on the user side, Wetaxi introduces for the first time in Italy the Maximum Guaranteed Rate, which allows you to know in advance how much you will spend and not to spend more than the estimate; together with taxi cooperatives, Wetaxi introduces innovations every day thanks to an open and versatile proprietary technology, able to integrate with existing systems. Moreover, with the aim of making the taxi service simple and accessible, it builds partnerships with players such as Trenitalia, Moovit, Urbi and Telepass to provide an increasingly advanced and fast intermodal service.

Thanks to a team of 20 competent and determined people and an agile organization, Wetaxi responds quickly to the needs of a competitive market, threatened by international competitors. As with Wetaxi Delivery, the new service of fast, quick and convenient taxi deliveries, born in a week in the middle of the 2020 lockdown and that immediately met with great success.

The future of Wetaxi sees the expansion of the cities involved, of the partners, and probably of the services offered, always respecting the conscious innovation that guides the company in all its operations.

On the Wetaxi campaign is active the Massive Rubrication service. The service is free for the Investor as the costs are borne by Wetaxi.


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