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Viotti 3 Milano

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Investment opportunity in a building in Milan-Città Studi for the redevelopment and implementation of a functional mix of apartments, offices and commercial activities.

  • Prospective annual ROI of up to 14%

  • Expected duration of 18 months

  • Preferential clearance

  • Project already submitted (SCIA for Building Renovation)

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Viotti 3 Milano is a real estate redevelopment project that offers an important investment opportunity through an equity crowdfunding campaign, through which, whoever decides to invest, will have an annual return of up to 14% on the amount invested, with an estimated duration of 18 months and with the advantage of preferential liquidation.

The shares will be subscribed toward the special purpose vehicle Viotti 3/5 Srl, which already owns the property and will be responsible for every aspect of the building's redevelopment.

The property is located in Milan at Via Giovanni Battista Viotti 3/5, and The project includes the construction of 32 residential units, 5 of which have already been sold, over 300 sq. m. of office space on four floors and 550 sq. m. for commercial use located on the ground floor, with street windows.

The Sponsor/Developer of the initiative is Setha Group, a real estate development company present in Italy and internationally for several years now. The project has already been submitted to the Municipality of Milan (SCIA for Building Renovation) and work is about to start. The reuse of the building makes it possible to maintain its structure (lower costs), have a simple urban planning process and not consume land (lower environmental impact). The project has already been validated by Banca Progetto, which has provided a loan of 5 million euros.

Investors who notify us of their non-binding interest in the Viotti 3 Milano campaign already during the coming soon phase (the so-called "Early Birds"), in addition to all the advantages of the offer, will also benefit from a prospective return increased by 1% compared to other investors on equal terms. To take advantage of the benefits reserved for early birds, it is necessary to place an investment order during the first 14 days of the campaign.


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