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Azimut Group's new €40 million venture capital product that also gives retail investors access to the most promising innovative startups and SMEs.

  • A single investment that gives access to a diversified portfolio of companies

  • Deal approved by Azimut and validated by the market

  • Unique opportunity to invest in a product normally reserved for professional investors

Goal min 20 Mln€

Goal max 8 Mln€

Total Collected

36,1 Mln€

Maximum Goal

40,0 Mln€

Minimum Investment

10 k€



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  • Market and Target
  • Investment Strategy
  • Fiscal Benefits
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AZIMUT ELTIF - Venture Capital ALIcrowd III is the new Venture Capital product instituted by the Luxembourg-registered company Azimut Investments SA that also enables retail investors to access the most attractive startups and innovative SMEs with high growth potential.

AZIMUT ELTIF - Venture Capital ALIcrowd III (hereinafter referred to as "ALIcrowd III" or the "Sub-Fund") is a Sub-Fund of the European Long-Term Investment Fund (ELTIF) closed-end non-reserved umbrella fund under Luxembourg law called AZIMUT ELTIF.

The objective of ALIcrowd III is to grow in value over the medium to long term. To do so, it will carry out investment operations (Seed Capital, Early Stage and Late Stage) by acquiring stakes in the capital of startups and SMEs.

Thesize of the Fund will be €40 million* with a duration of 8 years. It aims to invest in high-potential projects including through equity crowdfunding campaigns.

The product is an initiative of the Azimut Group, the first independent financial reality in the asset management sector, active for over 30 years and listed on the Italian Stock Exchange in Milan since 2004. Since 2016, it has been offering specific financial instruments to encourage the infusion of private capital into small and medium-sized enterprises while creating return opportunities for investors.

Azimut, which has always been at the forefront of the democratization of investments, has decided to also open to Mamacrowd investors the possibility of accessing-through its distributor Azimut Capital Management SGR SpA-a product that invests in an asset class usually exclusive and generally reserved for professional investors. In fact, ALIcrowd III can be subscribed to by retail customers with a minimum of €10k, a much lower amount than is normally provided for investment in reserved funds that invest in private markets.

ALIcrowd III

ALIcrowd III aims to invest in high-potential companies using an innovative strategy compared to more traditional venture capital funds, combining the advantages of a managed and diversified product, typical of a fund, with those of market validation, typical of an equity crowdfunding campaign.

In identifying target companies, the investment team of Azimut Libera Impresa SGR, the sub-fund's managing agent, will be able to take advantage of Mamacrowd's network of partners and the Group's professional expertise. In addition, companies will undergo market validation via crowd campaign. In fact, the number one cause of failure of a startup is lack of capital(source: CBS Insight).To lower the risk of each deal, ALIcrowd III will pair its investment with that of professional investors and the crowd. Well-capitalized portfolio companies will have a higher probability of growth in the market.

Participating in ALIcrowd III means: relying on a competent management team with a precise investment policy; access to selected, structured deals with privileged terms; and, above all, the opportunity to participate, with a single investment, in a portfolio diversified by sector, stage of growth, and business model, with a focus on the markets of the future.

Only the best companies, selected by those who know

Behind ALIcrowd III is all the expertise of the Azimut Group, Azimut Investments SA and Azimut Libera Impresa SGR Spa, the Fund's managing agent and a Group company dedicated to alternative products.

Added to all this is the experience of SiamoSoci, manager of the Mamacrowd platform and one of the pioneers of the Venture Capital world in Italy, already active since 2011 on its mission to bring companies and individuals closer to unlisted assets in a simple and diversified way.

SiamoSoci has created a number of club deals such as Club Digitale and Club Acceleratori (which within their portfolios count scale-ups such as Tannico and Velasca), and since 2016 it has been a leader in equity crowdfunding through its portal Mamacrowd, through which it has enabled the financing of 160 companies for over 126 million euros**.

A success story that repeats itself

ALIcrowd III was thus born out of the collaboration between Azimut and Mamacrowd and the experience gained with the two previous segments: AZIMUT ELTIF - Venture Capital Alicrowd and ALICrowd II, which have a portfolio of more than 45 investees including startups and innovative SMEs in seed and pre-series A stage, in a relevant number of sectors, from proptech to insuretech, from fintech to the mobility sector. The startups were identified by leveraging Siamosoci's partner network and co-investing with leading Italian venture capital funds, conveying investment through equity crowdfunding campaigns. This ensured a leverage effect on what the industry invested, allowing companies to raise more funding and achieve solid capitalization.

**Source: Prospectus - ALIcrowd III

**Source: Mamacrowd internal analysis

This is a marketing communication. Please refer to the prospectus, the AIF Disclosure Document, and the Key Investor Information Document (KID, available as of 02/24/2023). Participation in an AIF carries risks associated with possible changes in the value of units, which in turn are affected by fluctuations in the value of the (sometimes illiquid) financial instruments in which AIF resources are invested. For more information, see the warnings on the last page of this document.


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The information on the offer is not subject to approval by Consob. The Offering company is solely responsible for the completeness and truthfulness of the data and information provided by the latter. The investor's attention is also drawn to the fact that the investment, even indirect, through OICR or companies that invest mainly in financial instruments issued by innovative startups and SMEs is illiquid and characterised by a very high risk.

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