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Trackting manufactures smart GPS anti-theft devices for the world of two wheels: from motorcycles to e-bikes.

  • 250K € revenue 2019, one year after launch

  • 500K € turnover 2020: +100% YoY

  • Smart Alarm, voted Amazon's Choice product

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Goal min 80 k€

Goal max 500 k€

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215.568 €




4 Mln€

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80 k€

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250 €



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With a background of 20 years in electronics, GPS systems and IoT, in 2018 Trackting enters the two-wheeler market with Smart Alarm, an innovative smart GPS anti-theft device for motorcycles, without installation, equipped with its own App and a zero-fee eSIM with European coverage, marketed exclusively online.

A decidedly disruptive business model, which proves to be a winner: just a few months after its launch Smart Alarm is elected Amazon's Choice product; in 2019 the company has a turnover of €250,000 and doubles with about €500,000 in 2020, a year in which it grows by 170% in Q2 compared to the previous period, reaching a total of over 6,000 customers.

Building on its experience with the motorcycle world, last September Trackting also launches a revolutionary gps anti-theft device for e-bikes, EVO, intended for the retail channel. The new product soon gained interest not only from the insurance market, but also from the e-bike manufacturers themselves.

Mobility is living a unique historical moment, and individual means of transport are increasingly popular, unfortunately also by thieves: every year 38,000 motorcycles and 320,000 bicycles are stolen in Italy (data from the State Police and FIAB).

Today, through Mamacrowd, Trackting opens its doors to investors from the community of its customers and to those who believe in the revolution of connected services for mobility.

On the Trackting campaign, the following service is active Massive disclosure for all membership amounts below € 25,000.00. The service is offered without any additional cost for the investor.

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