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Tootor is the new dental education streaming platform that gives dental professionals access to hundreds of clinical videos.

  • More than 4500 members in less than a year

  • Full HD clinical video step by step

  • Quality assured by a scientific board of excellence

  • Platform already in three languages (easily scalable) and accessible from all devices through website and app

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Tootor brings the "TV series" model to medical, especially dental, education.

The new subscription-basedstreaming platform is aimed at dentists, hygienists, and chairside assistants (ASOs). The idea behind it is simple: make dental professionals have access to their training as easily and as interestingly as they watch episodes, seasons, and entertainment TV series.

Tootor's distinctiveness is encapsulated in 4 key elements:

  • the team, which combines a wide network of dental professionals with videomakers, graphic designers, marketing and communication experts;
  • the business model, which allows access, to all videos with only 1 monthly or annual subscription;
  • the quality of the content, HD videos showing all kinds of clinical procedures, explaining all the details.
  • the scientific board composed of opinion leaders and university professors, which evaluates each content before it is uploaded to the platform to ensure quality and accuracy.

Tootor's philosophy is: 100% clinical, 0% slides. More than 230 videos are already available on the platform, all accessible with a single subscription, costing 19.8 euros monthly or 198 euros annually. Fifteen new pieces of content are added each month.

Now Tootor is focusing on internationalization in order to scale the market in the shortest time possible and greatly increase its user base in the dental sector (which has about 200,000 people in Italy).

Tootor's motto is "E-learn to do it!" because the company believes in training that is always close to the clinician's needs, even if it is at a distance.

Investors who notify us of their noncommittal interest in Tootor's campaign as early as during the coming soon phase (so-called "Early Birds") will also benefit from an exclusive reward system: for investments of € 999.90 or more, a subscription of twice the duration (from 6 months of the live campaign to 12 months for coming soon investments); for investments of € 24,997.50 or more: twice the subscriptions ( from 2 of the live campaign to 4 for coming soon investments)


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