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Teyuto is the video on demand platform that allows you to create and manage a proprietary channel.

  • Selected in the Hubble II batch, Nanabianca acceleration pathway

  • Emergence Covid is accelerating adoption of Video On Demand solution

  • 500+ VOD platforms, 2.5 million minutes viewed

Professional Investor

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Goal min 79,98 k€

Goal max 250 k€

Total Collected

115.247 €




1,69 Mln€

Minimum goal

79,98 k€

Minimum Order

236,79 €



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The strong acceleration in the adoption of digital solutions in response to the COVID-19 emergency also involved Teyuto, with a +125% increase in requests to open channels(235 in April alone) and +31 thousand new registered users (+265% compared to the total up to March). The ever-increasing number of connections that some channels are producing in this period - with peaks of 12 thousand simultaneous accesses - is making it possible to optimise the scalability of the service and to test the technology in order to support large "video events" already organised for major clients.

Teyuto is the first Italian video platform in Saas (Software as a service) mode, aimed at content creators, brands and businesses that want to create their own video area.

It is a premium product that does not replace generalist video platforms but, unlike them, allows the creation of a completely proprietary channel, giving the end user total control over their video business. The channel is customizable in every part, allowing you to maintain your brand identity, based on the activities performed.

The possible activities to be carried out are countless: companies and professionals can use the tool for entertainment, training and communication purposes, having a platform always in the cloud and updated.

The platform developed is ready for streaming in ultra definition 4k and for multi-platform use, through apps and smart TVs. It is possible to create a community and monetize on the contents. Moreover, for more complex corporate contexts, it is possible to create a collaborative intranet video area.

The creation of the channel is so simple that anyone can put their video business on the market, through a few clicks.

Teyuto boasts a young but experienced Digital and IT team that has developed this complex technological project entirely in-house. The platform has proven to be able to guarantee a technological stability even on important numbers of users and at the same time to offer an impeccable quality of service. The team has already concluded activities of considerable importance, such as the development of the video on demand platform for E4impact Foundation, for training in Africa, in areas where internet connection and video playback take place, even today, with difficulty.

After being selected in 2018 for the Nana Bianca acceleration path, receiving a total support of 100,000€ to continue the development of the technology, Teyuto is launched in September 2019.

To date there are:

  • almost 600 registered platforms
  • more than 50 paying channels
  • more than 7000 active users

Channels using Teyuto have achieved excellent results: compared to traditional video platforms, there is 8 times more return of users in the app, 20 times more revenue through individual channels and 4 times more dwell time than channels on other platforms.


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