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Food-tech company B2B, the professional cloud cooking platform that empowers foodservice professionals to save time and money by reducing labor and food waste.

  • Produces semi-finished fresh ingredients daily for an equivalent of over 130,000 meals per month

  • Makes professional food serving a flexible and scalable business

  • Optimizes the way kitchens are designed, reducing the need for space, equipment and personnel

  • Eliminates waste, both in terms of raw materials and man-hours

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Goal min 700 k€

Goal max 1.000 k€

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774.112 €




18,05 Mln€

Minimum goal

700 k€

Minimum Order

249,7 €



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Food-as-a-service, not just as a product.

The food industry, the world's largest marketplace, has changed dramatically and evolved.

End consumers are more demanding and want quality food, speed and transparency while foodservice professionals seek operational efficiency.

Soul-K is a B2B company with three brands dedicated to the three main food-service channels.

Soul-K provides restaurants, supermarkets and foodservice organizations with fresh ingredients, semi-finished products and ready meals in a direct supply chain. From producer to consumer, without intermediaries.

Soul-K is not only an innovative food industry, it is atechnology company: it is among the first companies in the world to apply a system ofindustry 4.0, using "lean" and "just in time" production logics and methodologies.

The company has developed digital tools that control every business process: from purchasing to production, via artificial intelligence that predicts consumption needs, making everything automated and efficient. The proprietary RFID-based monitoring system ensures food traceability of each package and enables autonomous warehouse operation (product entry-exit) in a Telepass-like mode.

Soul-k also develops software and hardware dedicated to customers, to manage purchases and monitor their inventory in a new, automatic and quantitatively analyzable way, with a click.

Digital-enhanced food products allow customers to move from the classic On-Premise approach (ownership, management, maintenance, fixed costs) to an On-Demand approach (what you need, when you need it, guaranteed and up-to-date).

Soul-K's three brands dedicated to three major players in the market are:

1- Ready To Chef: Semi-finished fresh ingredients for professional catering.

Evolved" ingredients designed with customers, chefs or restaurant chains, to improve preparation operations, control costs and standardize quality.

Raw material sourcing, agreed processing (for portioning, seasoning, cooking, packaging), direct delivery.

  • Standard RTC and customized ingredients:Vegetables, meat, fish, grains, sauces
  • 14+ day expiry date: Without chemical or natural additives
  • Delivery in 24h: Order through Online Portal
  • Digital Traceability:Chips on each package

2- Switch:Fresh ready meals for GDO and fast food restaurants.

The quality of the ingredients, cooked in ready-to-eat trays. A multi-channel brand:

  • Supermarkets and e-grocery: in private label or white label
  • Bars and bistros: via the innovative subscription model
  • Smart-fridge: plug&play thanks to the native RFID chip

3- Fridge:Smart Fridge RFID for mass catering and vending.

A plug & play technology solution that allows consumers to shop independently, anytime and securely.

Open FriGo, pick up what you want, close the door, done! FriGo recognizes what you have withdrawn thanks to the RFID chips and credits the cost to your wallet or card.

FriGo combines the smart-fridge IoT developed in collaboration with Matipay, with ready meals SWITCH.

A turnkey product, which opens new perspectives to customers, who thanks to FriGo can offer up to 120 ready meals in less than 1MQ, without staff assistance.

On the Soul-k campaign is available the optional service of Republication free for the Investor as the costs are borne by Soul-k.


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