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Small Giants


Italian brand developing and marketing snacks and meat substitutes made from insect meal, the sustainable protein source of the future

  • CAGR between 30-60% for edible insects sector in coming years

  • Among the very first in the industry, both in Italy and Europe, a unique competitive advantage

  • Award-winning products already validated in the market with 80K+ pieces sold and contracts in European GDO

  • Internationally awarded brand and trademark in major world markets

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Goal min 200 k€

Goal max 900 k€

Total Collected

787.901 €




3,7 Mln€

Minimum goal

200 k€

Minimum Order

249,28 €



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Small Giants is an innovative SME that markets tasty snacks and meat substitutes made from insect meal, the sustainable protein source of the future. The market for alternative proteins and edible insects is experiencing significant growth, and Small Giants, moving well in advance, wants to position itself as a leader in the sector in both Italy and Europe by offering a wide range of products. This diversification will allow the company to cater to different consumer preferences. This is a major competitive advantage over competitors with a more limited product range. None of the major European competitors have been able to develop meat substitutes.

Small Giants' healthy, protein-packed products boast unique nutritional values: high in complete protein, vitamins and minerals. In addition to focusing heavily on the high quality and pleasantness of the products (including Great Taste Award winners), Small Giants offers only protein products with insect meal, excluding whole insects, to facilitate both the first taste and continued consumption. Ensuring high quality standards is made possible by partnerships with several certified co-manufacturers who follow Small Giants' recipes.

Communication and marketing play a key role, and Small Giants has created a young and appealing brand to convey its innovative message and reinforce a sense of involvement with the cause. The brand has received several awards internationally.

With growing awareness of the enormous environmental damage caused by meat consumption, there is a constant search for alternative and sustainable proteins. As the FAO has been advocating for years, insects are a prodigious natural source of high-quality, environmentally friendly protein. The market data are clear: the demand for food products that are safe, nutritious, tasty but also sustainable is constantly growing.

Within this fast-growing sector, Small Giants is among the pioneering companies and has the advantage of having already validated the market by selling more than 80k products and generating more than 100,000 euros in sales in the last year. In the first quarter of 2023, the turnover was 50% of the total turnover in the year 2022. In addition, customer appreciation is extremely high, with an average review rating of 4.8 out of 5. These results provide a solid foundation on which to build the success of the company, which has made its supply chain more efficient through partnerships that decrease production costs, increasing margins.

Small Giants has entered into strategic partnerships with already licensed insect suppliers so that it can market its products and has closed its first commercial agreements with large-scale retailers in Europe, so as to significantly increase volumes as early as the second half of 2023.

Tax benefits of 30 percent apply on Small Giants.

Small Giants reserves the right of "liquidation preference" for all investors who join the campaign, who will therefore be reimbursed first in the event of an exit than the company's other shareholders (according to the order of preference indicated in the bylaws). All conditions are published in the bylaws found in the Documents section.

On the campaign is available the optional Rubrication free of charge for the Investor as the costs are borne by Small Giants.


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Small Giants

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