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The most innovative miniaturized technology for the production of fresh table oil.

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Revoilution, recognized as the nespresso of olive oil, revolutionizes the way of conceiving oil and its consumption. It has miniaturized the most innovative oil production technology by transferring it into a kitchen appliance with which to obtain oil quickly and automatically.

EVA, the first kitchen appliance that allows to obtain fresh oil in every period of the year, is protected by several patents that make the system inimitable and realized in collaboration with the University of Calabria.

The innovative forced air system and the infrared sensors guarantee cold pressing, the continuous control system of the rotation speed guarantees a perfect extraction to the benefit of polyphenols, tocopherols and vitamin A.
Finally, the RFID chip on the pulp bag automatically sets the fundamental parameters according to the cultivar (variety).

The pulps are obtained with the most advanced cryogenic techniques that allow to preserve the olives in the form of practical cubes and to keep their properties unaltered.
Not only that, being produced using different cultivars, you have the possibility to create more blends to obtain different and versatile oils. Customization that becomes absolute creativity if we consider that you can add to the pulp all the spices and aromas you want to get your own oil, just right for each dish. After producing the oil, the olive pulp becomes cream ready to be processed and used in cooking. In the production process there is therefore no waste.

Fresh oil represents an absolute novelty in the panorama of condiments. A real revolutionary innovation whose proffered quality, combined with the high customization of the product, is attracting the interest of chefs and fans, especially from the HORECA sector. This will be followed by the sale of Eva and Le Polpe in the specialized GDO without subscription and growth through Co-marketing with leading players.

The company has formed a partnership with a cooperative of 6000 olive growers in Calabria, for the selection and harvesting of the best olives, and with a leading company in Italy in the frozen food sector that deals with their processing. The advisors are first-rate professionals in the fields of agronomy, innovation, logistics and marketing.


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