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The patented process for the industrial-scale production of a revolutionary ingredient for the food industry.

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Goal min 200 k€

Goal max 1 Mln€

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332.247 €

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332.247 €

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200 k€

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500 €


4 Mln€




Reolì realizes a new and revolutionary ingredient for the food industry, pastry laboratories and for the final consumer: an olive cream, completely vegetable, obtained through an innovative production process, which allows to preserve and stabilize, for the first time, the nutritional and health properties of EVO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) in solid form.
The production technique used is the result of a university research in the field of vegetable fats and oils that led to the creation of an international patent, acquired exclusively by Reolì Srl.

Reolì is produced in a brand new plant equipped with a production plant with a capacity of 1000 Kg/hr. working in a continuous cycle and in an automated way.
The Reolì plant has an oil storage system and a processing line operating under inert gas (nitrogen), suitable to contain the oxidative phenomena of the processed vegetable oils. It is equipped with equipment developed ad hoc for the industrial realization of the innovative technique of oil structuring and two packaging lines (one for the large-scale retail trade and one for the catering sectors and artisan workshops).

Reolì was born from a unique synergy between the world of business and the world of research that led to the realization of the project.
The Reolì team includes technical expertise that participated in the creation of the industrial patent used by the company (Ph. D. in chemical engineering) and that followed the industrial scale-up and construction of the plant, as well as figures specialised for some time in the management of companies and in marketing/sales, able to transfer their consolidated skills to this project.


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