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Passione Toscana


It takes Tuscan excellence throughout Europe, with an omnichannel model and revolutionizing local food and wine tourism by digitizing the best authentic experiences.

  • Online omnichannel model "E-commerce B2C and B2B" also planned to open flagship stores

  • Focus toward foreign market, where 70 percent of sales come from

  • Luxury and high-spending customer segment (LTV +340€)

  • More than 500 products in catalog from 100 artisans, selected together with chefs & Sommeliers

Professional Investor

Professional Inv.

Goal min 100 k€

Goal max 302,38 k€

36 Investments

170.837 €

36 Paid

170.837 €

Minimum goal

100 k€

Minimum Order

248,71 €


2,19 Mln€




Every year 52 million Tourists visit Tuscany and come into contact with typical local food and wine. During their vacations, tourists and enthusiasts fall in love with the many typical local products, sampled in the various stores, at a tasting in one of the thousands of wineries and in restaurants.

Tourists bring a 1 billion euro induced income that, unfortunately, in most cases, ends with their vacation.

Passione Toscana's goal is to maintain contact between this tourist flow and local excellence. In two years, thousands of customers in 26 countries around the world have been satisfied with Passione Toscana's products and services.

More than 500 products and 100 producers, selected together with expert chefs and sommeliers, to certify their origin and quality. The portal is one of the references for the online export of typical Tuscan products, with more than 70 percent of the turnover coming from foreign customers.

Just abroad competitive prices, authenticity of products and speed the high level service allow to acquire loyal and high-spending customers very quickly. Soon Passione Toscana will also open its own B2B platform to meet the ever-increasing demand for a convenient, fast, innovative and secure service for restaurants, wine stores, small stores and hotels.

The growth process is well outlined and also sees the opening of several flagship stores, in important target markets such as Switzerland (H2 2022) UK (2023) and USA (2025) as well as the opening of a landmark for tourists and enthusiasts, right in Tuscany.

On the Passione Toscana campaign, the optional paidRubrication service is available.

On Passione Toscana , 30% tax breaks apply.


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