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Between modernity and tradition, it offers fine liquors, transforming the fruits of the earth, thanks to the skills of master liquor makers and a team dedicated to distribution in the luxury mixology sector.

  • Distinctive brand with strong Made in Italy appeal registered internationally (EU and non-EU)

  • Foreign sales increased from +€13K in 2021 to +€80K in 2022 (+509%) corresponding to 65% of total sales 2022

  • Products featured in major international marketplaces and placed in the most prestigious hotel and duty-free chains

  • Winner of the America Innovation award and convened at the Chamber of Deputies in Rome as Italy's Best 500 startup

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Paesano is an innovative startup whose liquors target the world ofhotellerie and cocktail bars. It uses only raw materials with certified provenance, combining the tradition of Sicily with innovation learned through research and development studies in the field of food biotechnology.

Modern consumers of drinks and cocktails are increasingly attracted to artisanal productions and products that use premium raw materials; they are looking for authentic liqueurs linked to the territory and that have a story to tell. Even bartenders are looking to premium liqueurs, to be used as bases or flavor modifiers, for their drinks and cocktails. Because of its artisanal and strong territorial connotations, Paesano is able to meet the needs of its customers by creating an important emotional connection.

Paesano relies on specialized farmers and artisans to select and process high-yield raw materials. The uniqueness of Paesano's liqueurs and the marked distinction with competitors lie in the use of highly concentrated ingredients (up to 50 percent fruit in total recipes). Thanks to the presence of real fruit, processed entirely by hand without any mechanization, and the low alcohol content, the liqueurs are pleasant to drink on any occasion, from aperitifs to desserts, but above all mixable in the ever-growing sector of mixology.

Paesano's sales network, first and foremost, works directly with catering and mixing customers in Italy. In 2022, one year after the launch of the first MVP, the liquors were already being distributed in 5-star hotels in Taormina and Palermo to venues on Lake Como and the Marriott group in Venice. In December 2022, a commercial agreement was signed with the first Duty Free for the continuous supply of Catania's Fontanarossa airport, managed by the well-known international company Lagardere, a world leader in Duty Free with excellent possibilities to expand distribution in other international airports.

To date Paesano has sold more than 40,000 bottles and has business relationships with 16 nations, 13 European and 3 non-EU (Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States), enjoying success not only in Italy, but especiallyabroad, accounting for 65 percent of total sales. The company has registered the trademark at EUIPO for the 27 European countries and at WIPO for access in strategic intercontinental markets.

Paesano was honored by the Italy USA Foundation by receiving the "America Innovation" award at the Chamber of Deputies in Rome, reserved for the best 500 Italian startups.

The funding raised will be used to improve efficiency and increase production capacity so as to reach a wider customer base in the newly conquered markets.

Tax breaks of 30 percent apply on Paesano .

Paesano reserves the right of "liquidation preference" for all investors who join the campaign, who will therefore be reimbursed first in the event of exit than the company's other shareholders (according to the order of preference indicated in the bylaws). All conditions are published in the bylaws found in the Documents section.

Optional Rubrication service is available on the Paesano campaign for a fee.


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