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Omnichannel and digitally evolved player in the fruit and vegetable market, with focus on the B2B segment and the creation of one of the first Italian chains of branded greengrocers.

  • €12.7M expected revenue in 2022 vs €4M in 2021 and €2.1M in 2020

  • Covers all channels of the fruit and vegetable market: B2B, B2C and Retail

  • Full team: both business figures and those with strong experience in the fruit and vegetable sector

  • Monthly breakeven expected by the end of 2022

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Goal min 499,99 k€

Goal max 2 Mln€

Total Collected

2.069.021 €




20,01 Mln€

Minimum goal

499,99 k€

Minimum Order

242,48 €



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ODJ was founded in late 2017 by combining the skills of a traditional "retail wholesaler" (sourcing, product selection and logistics) with successful experiences in the food service industry. To date it is an innovative startup and an omnichannel and digitally evolved player in the Italianfruit and vegetable market, covering all channels.


B2B Channel: Digitizing the fruit and vegetable procurement process for HoReCA

  • Digital transformation has not yet begun in this sector (the standards are manual paper bills, no reporting and manually managed orders)
  • There is therefore a clear possibility of disruption. ODJ founders have touched on the problems with the current model, and have decided to make the buying/selling process more streamlined, traceable, and transparent, with clear efficiency and marginality benefits for both ODJ and its customers.

B2C Channel: Bringing "chefs' choice" to people's homes

  • Superior quality to mass retail and special features (e.g. purple cabbage) usually distributed in B2B
  • Generally B2C e-commerce is burdened with high logistics and customer acquisition costs, resulting in growth achieved at the expense of profitability
  • The B2C channel ODJ is ancillary and will grow in a balanced way, thanks to synergies with B2B and Retail channels.

Retail Channel: Creating one of Italy's first "branded" greengrocer chains

  • The fruttivendolo is a codified format, but still run as a "mom and pop store." There is a clear possibility of consolidation as occurred for other businesses (dental clinics, pharmacies)
  • ODJ takes over existing/historic businesses, which it makes more efficient by centralizing purchasing and administrative functions

Why an Italian Retail chain:

  • Multichannel & Brand: true omnichannel player in the sector with recognizable format
  • Marginality: improvement through higher volumes, IV gamma insertion, and use of expiration products in ODJ lab
  • More customer touchpoints: modern, eye-catching design and new product lines to increase average basket (centrifuges, healthy snacks, and the lab products)
  • Operation: small logistics hub for B2B and B2C channels, centralization of administrative functions, improved overall cash flow
  • Professionalization: focus on analytics thanks to an ODJ control panel for each store integrated with central management

ODJ service is truly differentiating as it controls the entire value chain supported by digital developments, having all the levers to offer what customers really need:

  • Quality and price through product selection and increasingly direct sourcing from growers
  • Flexible and personalized service through control over inventory, logistics and trade policies
  • Digital developments that ensure streamlined ordering process, detailed reporting and price transparency
  • Integration between channels from an omnichannel perspective

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On L'Orto di Jack 3, 30% tax breaks apply.

L'Orto di Jack 3 is among the investments of the AZIMUT ELTIF - Venture Capital ALIcrowd II fund, established by Azimut Group and managed by Azimut Libera Impresa SGR SpA


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L'Orto di Jack 3

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