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Italian software can analyze and process the feasibility of a residential real estate project quickly and easily.

  • Model tested and validated on more than 120 real estate transactions

  • Large B2B market

  • The only software of its kind with direct access to credit

  • Massive sales network present throughout the country

Professional Investor

Professional Inv.

Goal min 80 k€

Goal max 395,69 k€

Total Collected

134.852 €




770 k€

Minimum goal

80 k€

Minimum Order

249,38 €



  • Project
  • Market and Target
  • Business Model
  • Financial projections
  • Use of funds
  • Rewards for Investors
  • Team
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The Italian real estate sector represents an exponential business opportunity.

According to recent estimates there are about 746,956 thousand properties for sale throughout the Peninsula, more than 52 percent of them needing renovation work (from Immobiliare.it).

Onbild is an innovative made-in-Italy software, in beta stage, that allows the feasibility of a residential real estate project to be checked quickly and easily.

The system allows you to:

  • identify a plot of land or building site based on the search area both in the open market and in the auction and NPL market with economies and type of intervention to be made;
  • make an initial assessment and deepen the BP through automatic implementation of a SAL facility;
  • simulate the financial need through direct connections with banking systems, crowdfunding platforms and crowd lending.

If Onbild decides to approve the deal it returns a technical and commercial PDF brochure that can be used to search for possible financing outside or within the platform.

It allows industry players to save time and money by verifying the feasibility of a real estate project using a mathematical and scientific method.

It is based on individual market needs and analyzes, organizes and manages each stage of the real estate project.

It should be noted that the software has not yet been completed and is therefore not yet on the market.

On the campaign is available the optional service of Rubrication free of charge for the Investor as the costs are borne by OnBild.

Tax benefits of 30% apply on OnBild.


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