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1000 news items a day, 500 thousand readers on an average day, 10 million followers. 18 months after its launch, it is in the top 30 most visited news sites in Italy.

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Notizie.it is a tech company that enters the world of information in a disruptive way.
The technology intervenes in the choice of news to be published and the contributors are totally crowdsourced and are inserted on a gig economy model.
In just two years, approaching the world of publishing as a startup, it has climbed all the rankings of the entire sector, reaching a position among the top 30 Italian news sites.

It reaches a total of 150 million contacts per month with thousands of timely, verified and quality content.
Notizie.it, has a turnover in continuous growth: 120,000 euros of turnover in the first year, 650,000 euros in the second. (+350% from 2017 to 2018).

It is now possible to consult in the documents section the final balance sheet 2018, management commentary and updated Business Plan. The achievement of a profit for the year represents a medium-long term goal (3/5 years) for Startups that show ability to go beyond the time frame of the year of life. Notizie.it closes the year in profit after 18 months of activity. The extraordinary result obtained is a "unicum" in the panorama of innovative startups. Connected to the financial statements you can consult the Business Plan and the document commenting on the results with the future prospects where we underline through projections developed with a critical sense and prudence the great potential prospects of this entrepreneurial initiative.

The main asset of the business model is the online traffic generated.

Users come to the content mainly from social media thanks to the strength of the highly shareable content but also from search engines, aggregators (e.g. Yahoo, Microsoft Msn, Flipboard, Newsrepublic) and obviously with direct traffic thanks to the strength of the brand.

The social fanbase has a total of more than 10 million users on vertical pages, and the main page of Notizie.it alone has 3.6 million fans and is growing by thousands of new followers every day.
The approach to the world of online information is totally innovative: thousands of editors and journalists work with Notizie.it, writing remotely, ready to deliver the right article at the right time according to network trends selected by a proprietary algorithm. In the company there are only the key people tech, marketing and sales.

The model used has proved to be a winner.
According to the most authoritative and independent rankings, such as Audiweb and Comscore, Notizie.it has overtaken publishing giants with many years of history and investment and has done so quickly by relying on a solid and highly specialized team.

The company is made up of a competent team with an important traction: the founder has already had 4 exits behind him including an $80 million exit and one in the world of online publishing (Nanopublishing sold to Excite Populis); the COO participated in the launch of Lettera43 and knows the problems of traditional online publishing in depth; the CFO has many years of experience in multinationals such as Black & Decker and Pfizer.


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