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Nuova Industria Torinese


Design, performance and emotion. Invest in the Italian company that aims to be the protagonist of two-wheeled electric mobility.

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Goal min 499,99 k€

Goal max 1,2 Mln€

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536.718 €




12 Mln€

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499,99 k€

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495,6 €



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In large European cities, we lose an average of 250 hours in traffic in a working year. This has an impact on our productivity, our health and our wallet.

Operating for many years in the transport market, we created NITO to respond to new needs and accompany the imminent change in urban mobility.

NITO designs, manufactures and markets push and electric two-wheeled vehicles that combine design and driving excitement. Over the last 4 years we have worked on their potential and developed a range of products that correspond to an idea of intelligent mobility: moving while having fun, saving time and money.

Our project is now an industrial reality with products on the market; we are ready to accelerate to compete with the largest manufacturers of two wheels and to make our idea of sustainable mobility prevail.

After two and a half years of research and work, there are 6 importers in Europe and one in the United States, with sales commitments for more than 800 units in 2019. As far as the Italian network is concerned, we count for the moment on 23 points, which will grow to a maximum of 40 to cover the entire territory. In addition to the European and American markets, the goal for 2020 is to gain a foothold in China, where more than 20 million scooters are sold each year.


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Nuova Industria Torinese

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