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The regenerative method that includes training, nutrition, treatments and tailor-made therapies.

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NK Group.srl is an Innovative SME that in 2015 launched Natked, an integrated and scalable format in the field of fitness, wellness and personal care.

It is an innovative project that rides the strong market trends such as the growth of investments dedicated to well-being: taking care of oneself in a personalized way and with innovative methods has become part of today's lifestyles and culture.

Natked was created as a method of prevention and improvement of people's health through physical activity, regenerative therapies, nutritional education and emotional management of stress.

The project is developed in three main directions

  • the activity of the centers oriented towards private customers,
  • projects dedicated to companies,
  • the Academy, a training school for exercise professionals.

The first two years of activity:

  • March 2015: opening of the first Natked "Flagship" in Porta Nuova in Milan;
  • Early 2016 opening of the Natked "Operated By" center at BC Copernico;
  • Since March 2016: projects for companies for training and training management including Samsung Italia, AXELERO, Intesa Vita, Vibram, Hsbc Bank, Lifegate, Caudalie, Marionnaud;
  • September 2016: launch of the Natked Academy and first professional training course;
  • October 2016: approval as "Innovative SME".
  • 2nd half of 2016: operating break-even;
  • H1 2017: operating profit and 600 paying customers;
  • September 2017: start of partnership with DR Farmer, a company of health food products, detoxifying and regenerating, organic and natural food. Corner food for consumption and delivery of food products consistent with the Natked philosophy.

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