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He designs and develops innovative and versatile electronic devices and digital solutions, such as the PC gaming software platform LudiX .

  • LudiX proprietary platform dedicated to innovative and scalable pc gaming

  • Focus on international growth in European markets with great potential

  • High-growth IT and pc gaming sector in the world

  • Track record of growth with 2021 revenues of € 20 mn (CAGR 2018-21 about 90%)

Professional Investor

Professional Inv.

Goal min 2 Mln€

Goal max 4 Mln€

65 Investments

2,8 Mln€

65 Paid

2,8 Mln€

Minimum goal

2 Mln€

Minimum Order

999,6 €


10,5 Mln€




Founded in 2009, Microtech is an innovative SME operating in the design, procurement, assembly, quality control and after-sales of computing devices and hardware components.

The core business takes place in Italy, with headquarters in Milan, Italy, the place where ideas, projects, design and customer support on all devices take shape and materialize. Behind every creation are the people: a skilled and passionate engineering team that aspires to make unique products and services. Guided by these steadfast principles, Microtech's product range includes the most modern high-tech devices, from notebooks to convertibles, from tablets to 2in1s, through mini-pcs to OPS and Gaming PCs, based on Intel, AMD, UniSoc, Mediatek, Allwinner or Qualcomm architecture. At the same time, the Company has intensified its internationalization process, signing contracts with distribution partners in Central and Eastern Europe, in countries with high demand for entry-level IT products and solutions. Supported by a team of highly qualified engineers, Microtech's main goal is to ensure quality and reliability for its customers by simplifying every single aspect of complex human-machine interaction, rethinking processes and procedures. The company's distinctive products are e-book Lite and CoreBook™ laptops, e-tab™ tablets, e-tab Pro™ tablets, and gaming PCs.

With excellent economic performance in the three-year period 2019-21, Microtech boasts over 150 thousand products sold, revenues increasing from €2.9 mln to €19.8 mln with EBITDA of €1.6 mln and NFP of €4.9 mln.

On the campaign is available the optional Rubrication free for the Investor as the costs are borne by Microtech.

Tax benefits of 30% apply on Microtech .

Microtech is among the investments of the AZIMUT ELTIF - Venture Capital ALIcrowd II fund, established by Azimut Group and managed by Azimut Libera Impresa SGR SpA.


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