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Mia Kombucha


Mia Kombucha produces a fermented tea, in four flavors, in the province of Varese. 100% natural, sparkling, non-alcoholic, it is good for you and your body.

  • EU kombucha market value 2021 of $244 Mn, growth 2021-2027 (CAGR) +24.6%

  • New laboratory with production capacity up to 10k liters/month

  • More than 100 B2B customers nationwide and more than 20% B2C online sales

  • Teams under 35 with specific and complementary skills

Professional Investor

Professional Inv.

Goal min 80 k€

Goal max 300 k€

Total Collected

269.490 €




1 Mln€

Minimum goal

80 k€

Minimum Order

250 €



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Is there a healthy alternative to the usual carbonated drinks?

Yes. Mia Kombucha is the company that makes fermented tea: natural, sparkling, non-alcoholic and healthy

And it does it in four flavors: Original, Raspberry, Lemon, Ginger.

It all started during the 2020 lockdown. Mattia returned to Varese from a work experience in Australia and brought with him a passion for this age-old beverage: kombucha. Together with Simone, Battista, Ivan and Gabriele he creates Mia Kombucha based on a few simple concepts:

  • Produce the best kombucha in Italy
  • Use only the highest quality ingredients
  • Respect the recipe, timing and artisanal production process
  • To make this drink known to as many people as possible and to create culture about the world of kombucha

Now Mia Kombucha is among the national leaders with more than 100 B2B customers and more than 20 percent B2C online sales.

From infusing the tea to fermenting it, all of Mia Kombucha's production is completely managed in the lab in Induno Olona, in the province of Varese. Mia's lab was recently expanded to bring production capacity to more than 10,000 liters per month.

Mia Kombucha is a very recent company, but since its inception it has had a distinctive, pop and appealing brand identity, combined with an original, sincere and recognizable tone of communication.

Kombucha for Mia is not just a drink. It contains a lot of good properties for the body, such as the antioxidants in tea and the organic acids produced during fermentation. It is great for digestion, balancing the gut and as a refreshing tonic. Therefore, Mia Kombucha's mission is ambitious: to change the world of carbonated soft drinks one can at a time.

On the campaign is available the optional Rubrication free for the Investor as the costs are borne by Mia Kombucha.

A30% tax break applies on Mia Kombucha.


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Mia Kombucha

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