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Medical Devices

Reconstruction and ultra-high fidelity 3D printing for surgery: the new standard for pre-operative planning.

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Incubated at the Innovative Companies Incubator of the Politecnico di Torino, Medics is redefining the standard of pre-operative planning and the "tailor-made" approach to surgery, putting the potential of 4.0 technology at the service of medicine.

Today, there is a growing trend towards "precision surgery" with a conservative approach: there is therefore a real and tangible need for surgeons to have new tools to improve pre-operative planning and increase the precision of complex operations.
Medics has developed HA3DTM (Hyper Accuracy 3DTM) technology, which allows for high-fidelity, high-precision 3D reconstructions of the anatomy of individual patients.
Using the most advanced image processing and 3D printing technologies, Medics designs certified custom Diagnostic Medical Devices. This makes it possible to plan surgery in the most accurate, safe and conservative way possible.

Thanks to a team that brings together transversal specialist skills, in 72 hours Medics is able to transfer the data of normal two-dimensional diagnostics (CT, angioTAC, MRI) into three-dimensional models that can be inspected and interactive.
An absolutely avant-garde preoperative planning compared to the images, even complex ones, currently provided by ultrasound and ultrasound. The surgeon can simulate his operation with a better visual-spatial perception while the patient can better understand the pathology and the type of operation he will undergo.

The objective of Medics is to become a reference point for diagnostic innovation and multi-specialist preoperative planning: fundraising through the Mamacrowd campaign will allow further investments in research and development for the evolution of 3D reconstruction technologies, including in the field of augmented reality.
From a strategic perspective, the Medics business model envisages the insourcing management of 3D printers directly to healthcare facilities, thus enabling their use in emergency situations.


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