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The Italian leader in on-demand laundry, with € 800 thousand in revenues and over 35 thousand users in Milan and Monza. Now it aims to expand in new cities.

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MamaClean is the online boutique specialized in the care of garments through home laundry service 7 days a week from 7:00 to 23:00. With over 700,000 garments treated, today it is present in more than 30 municipalities between Milan and Monza and regularly serves thousands of satisfied customers. The service focuses on efficiency, garment care, 5-star on-demand experience and unique quality.

MamaClean is not just a technological platform but a fully integrated business, with its own laundry atelier, where craftsmen with decades of experience work. The business model is unique and replicable geographically. Thanks to this, the company, which is constantly expanding, has grown to reach a turnover of €800,000 in 2018.

MamaClean wants to build the laundry of the future and lead the sector towards a horizon of innovation, quality and sustainability. In particular, it wants to:

  • Bring its innovative service to the 14 most important Italian capitals by 2023, exceeding 8M in revenues and 1 million in EBITDA at the end of the period;
  • Extend its presence to other innovative and traditional channels, becoming an omnichannel company;
  • Confirm its position as Italian leader, with a view to presenting itself on the European competitive scenario as a market leader or as an ideal target for an acquisition;
  • Introduce radical process innovations, further improving operational efficiency, quality and service care, through structural and R&D investments;
  • Continue to enhance the quality of the Made in Italy workforce, with the establishment of an internal academy of trades, through which young people and people looking for a new job will be introduced to the profession.

Exceptionally, Mamaclean has decided to reserve the right of liquidation preference to all categories of shares offered on the portal. Therefore, in the event of a liquidation event (e.g. exit), the proceeds will be distributed with priority among the shareholders who have subscribed to the MamaClean units issued in relation to the capital increase offered on Mamacrowd.
All conditions are published in the articles of association in the "Documents" section related to the Offer.


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