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The Italian fully digital cleaning services company, specializing in cleaning for the non-hotel world and beyond.

  • Proprietary software and increasingly user-friendly interface for booking services

  • Monthly turnover reached in recent months of € 80,000

  • From 6,000 interventions per year in 2018 to 13,500 interventions expected in 2021

  • Turnover increased by 167% compared to the first campaign on Mamacrowd

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Goal min 499,99 k€

Goal max 800,1 k€

Total Collected

550.103 €




2,7 Mln€

Minimum goal

499,99 k€

Minimum Order

480,06 €



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Maid for a Day is a company that offers professional cleaning services, bookable online, mainly to the non-hotel market, in the main Italian cities: Milan, Turin, Rome, Florence, Venice and Bologna.

Thanks to the proprietary platform developed, it is able to manage the logistics of interventions in a timely manner and to know in real time the status of cleaning in each house.

The high degree of professionalism of the service is also guaranteed by continuous staff training. The quality of the service allows customers to improve reviews on portals such as Airbnb and thus increase the profitability of the property.

Through the proprietary platform, users can plan and configure the intervention according to their needs.

Maid entrusts the task to a specialized resource who is in charge of cleaning the apartment and coordinating the logistics of the laundry, so as to prepare everything in the best possible way for the entrance of the guests. The staff members use an app to view the assignments and learn about the services booked by the client. At the end of the service, the attendant must fill out a to-do list following Maid's strict cleaning protocols and attach photographs of the work done, allowing for an initial quality check. Informing the owners in real time allows Maid to intervene promptly in case of damage or maintenance before the arrival of the guests. This allows Maid to be efficient and its customers to save on any control costs.

In addition, the pandemic of Covid19 has highlighted the need for cleanliness and sanitation of environments. This situation, has enhanced the proposal of Maid, which has taken advantage of it to diversify its offer, introducing new services, such as the sanitization of commercial premises and the launch of a paid online platform - Maid Academy - for the training of cleaning service workers interested in working in the non-hotel market.

This service is aimed at customers organised with their own cleaning service who, however, wish to follow pre-established protocols designed by specialists in the sector.

In 2018, thanks to an initial raising on Mamacrowd of 200k€, in which the investment holdings Boost Heroes and Club Acceleratori also participated, the proprietary platform was developed, a fundamental tool to manage costs and logistics, and which has allowed the company to grow in a scalable way.

Indeed, from 2018 to date, Maid for a day's revenue growth has been steady despite the impact of the pandemic on the tourism industry. For the year 2021, the revenue forecast is €800k, an increase of almost 3x compared to 2018, as is the company's valuation for investors who joined the first crowdfunding campaign.

Annual surgeries, which were 6,057 in 2018, will reach 13,500 (estimated) in December 2021, with an average number of monthly post-pandemic surgeries of 1,000 and peaks of 1,795 in October 2021, compared to an average 500 in 2018.

Maid for a day expects to reach a range of 30,000 to 60,000 interventions in three years, depending on the capital raised.

On the Maid for a day campaign, the optional service of Rubrication free for the Investor as the costs are borne by Maid for a day.


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Maid for a day 2

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