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Already 30 big companies have chosen the unique digital training program for their employees who are new parents.

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Life Based Value is the innovative startup selling businesses MAAM a digital training program for new parents, innovative in method, that allows companies to leverage the birth of a child to improve the soft skills of employees.

MAAM is based on scientific research that has been ongoing since 2012 and on a proprietary training method that revolutionizes the learning methods in use in companies, transforming intense life experiences into highly formative moments.

In just 2 years, 30 large companies have bought MAAM; the company went to break even already in the first year, and in 2017 had a turnover of 300 thousand euros, +70% compared to 2016.

The results on the first 2,000 participants confirm an improvement in the 12 skills involved of up to 35%.
80% of client companies have repurchased the program for the following year. This is due to the excellent employee take-up rates: 70% of those invited to the program sign up (enrollment is voluntary) and the participation level is 55% (compared to 20% in the e-learning industry).

The MAAM method, proprietary and unique in the world, is the most innovative in the market and fully responds to the growing need of companies to invest in cutting-edge training solutions.

Our positioning is unique: the MAAM program has a very high effectiveness, guaranteed by continuous research, and at the same time has an accessible cost thanks to a flexible offer based on the actual company size and the ease of activation and diffusion of the digital program to companies.

The B2B business model, already validated by large companies, is highly scalable. MAAM is ready for further international diffusion and the SME market, exponentially expanding the sales target. Every year, in Italy alone, € 1 billion is invested in training the soft skills of employees.
New parents represent 10% of the workforce to whom companies reserve increasingly advanced programs to improve professional and leadership skills.


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