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Firenze - Locatelli

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Real estate project for the recovery and redevelopment of several buildings within walking distance of the historic center of Florence: 4 floors, 18 apartments for 1400 sq. m.

  • Work 50% completed

  • 100% pre-sold apartments

  • Project duration of 12 months

Professional Investor

Professional Inv.

Goal max 1 Mln€

Total Collected

1,0 Mln€



Estimated Duration

12 months

Minimum Order

2,5 k€

Annual ROI Max 




  • Abstract Operation
  • Investment Statement
  • Why Invest
  • Project
  • Location
  • Bidder and Promoter
  • Financial Statement
  • Team
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Abstract Operation

Florence - Locatelli is a real estate project of the company AD Casa, which involves the recovery and redevelopment of several buildings once used for manufacturing purposes, transforming them into modern apartments and studios, within walking distance of Florence's historic center.

The real estate investment opportunity offers an annual return of up to 13 percent with a transaction term of 12 months. Handling the bureaucratic, construction and sales aspects will be the special purpose vehicle San Giuliano S.r.l.

The property is already owned by San Giuliano S.r.l., the work is 50% completed at the state of progress, while 100% of the apartments have already been pre-sold. In addition, the project has obtained financing from BPER bank in the amount of €1,900,000.

The project location is in a strategic and dynamic area of Florence, exactly at the intersection of Via Locatelli and Via Slataper, in the Statuto district. This area boasts excellent connections with the rest of the city thanks to the many public transportation services available. There will be 18 apartments, with 6 parking spaces, totaling 1400 square meters.

The investment in Locatelli offers the advantage of preferential liquidation, that is, the right for investors who join the equity crowdfunding campaign to be reimbursed first compared to the Developer. The maximum total ROI of the project is 13% over 12 months. If the expected duration is exceeded, the total ROI will increase while keeping the annual return constant, which will be calculated pro tempore.

AD Casa, founded in 2010 by Andrea Duranti, operates mainly in Tuscany. specializes in the identification of real estate investments, redevelopment of properties in prestigious settings. Since its founding, it has built more than 800 apartments.

Exit from the transaction will occur at the liquidation of the company San Giuliano S.r.l., once all the apartments have been reregistered. The return will accrue from the closing date of capital increase until the resolution to liquidate the company San Giuliano S.r.l.



The real estate initiative focuses on the regeneration and renovation of several buildings once used for manufacturing activities, turning them into modern residences and offices. In addition, new apartments will be built on Slataper Street, further enriching the housing offerings in the area. Strengths of this project include innovative design, meticulous attention to tenants' needs, and anexcellent location. The units will feature outdoor spaces on the ground floor and terraces or balconies on the upper floors, providing ample indoor and outdoor livability. In addition, the apartments will have private parking spaces, giving additional convenience to tenants. The project includes different types of apartments for a total of 18 apartments, with 6 parking spaces. Each unit will be built paying attention toenergy efficiency and environmental sustainability, aiming for energy class A

Project timeline:

  • August 2020: Property purchase
  • July 2020: Obtaining permits
  • October 2020: Start of construction
  • March 2024: End of construction
  • June 2024: Deeds of sale

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Firenze - Locatelli

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