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SaaS platform for fast, deep and real-time market research thanks to its innovative AI engine, chosen by international clients and doubling its team and MRRs in one year.

  • Monthly recurring revenue more than doubled between 2020 and 2021 from 50K to 115K

  • In the last year the customer portfolio has grown by 60%

  • Patents filed in EU and US for proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithm

  • More than 700 million users analyzed worldwide

Professional Investor

Professional Inv.

Goal min 299,99 k€

Goal max 1.000 k€

Total Collected

555.232 €




9,29 Mln€

Minimum goal

299,99 k€

Minimum Order

495,55 €



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  • Business Model
  • Financial projections
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KPI6 is a software that allows brands and agencies to perform market research autonomously, dynamically and in real time.

KPI6 started with LVenture Group 's accelerator path in 2015, and in 6 years the company's valuation went from €2M to €9.3M. Investors have multiplied their initial investments by 4.5 times.

KPI6's client portfolio boasts the presence of national and international brands: from PWC to The Coca-Cola Company, passing through media agencies such as Publicis Groupe up to the editorial world with AGI and SKY.

The objective is to enter the Growth list of Euronext Milan by 2023, the list of the most promising scale-ups in Italy.

Customer needs

Traditional methods such as qualitative interviews and focus groups require very high costs and time, they do not keep up with the speed of contextual changes in our society, but above all they do not capture the spontaneity of the interviewed user.

KPI6 technology and the entire methodology adopted solve in an innovative way many of the most common problems related to traditional market research such as understanding consumer opinion, knowing its socio-psychographic characteristics, and the social, economic and cultural changes of our times.

KPI6 listens to the web by ethically and anonymously collecting the opinions that users express publicly on social and web. To this data, composed mainly of text, images and numbers, various Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms are applied for the comprehension of Natural Language, a proprietary "asset" composed of innovative algorithms that are the subject of a patent application in Europe and in the process of being filed in the United States.

Thanks to KPI6 it is possible to interpret the emotions, meaning and sentiment of online content, the presence of topics and trends, the subjects present in images with the aim of determining interests, personality and other characteristics of each audience segment. The data obtained is used for:

  • The launch of new products
  • Execution of marketing, communication and advertising strategies
  • Discovering emerging markets and trends

Bringing brands and consumers closer together.

Customer and traction

The product suite is used by large multinationals in various market sectors:

  • Large Media agencies, for the management and optimization of large advertising budgets for their clients' campaigns
  • Multinational consultancies integrating their services with data from KPI6 products
  • International brands to improve their communication and marketing strategy by interpreting and engaging consumers
  • Leading news and entertainment companies that leverage their understanding of trends and public opinion to create editorial content on phenomena of national relevance

On the KPI6 campaign is available the optional service of Rubrication free for the Investor as the costs are borne by KPI6.


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