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First network of underwater wine and food wineries, develops and promotes technologies for sustainable refinement in sea and lake bottoms.

  • 4 active underwater wineries in Italy and 3 opening

  • Team with specific expertise in the world of wine

  • Scalable and lightweight business model based on franchise services

  • 2 collaborations with universities and world's first scientific publication

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Jamin Portofino UnderWaterWines, a benefit company, is an innovative SME specializing in providing engineering services for underwater fining technologies and methodologies. Its environmentally sustainable method is applicable to wine, spirits and other food products in a liquid state. Currently, its membership model constitutes theonly international network of underwater wineries. In addition, it is the first company to have carried out, in collaboration with DAGRI of the University of Florence, scientific research dedicated to underwater wine aging, which was published in the official journal of the Italian Oenologists' Association ("L'Enologo," April 2023).

After the experience gained with the private label-oriented Jamin 1.0 model, the company has inaugurated Jamin 2.0, which is predominantly B2B and complements its predecessor. Jamin allows any entrepreneur to independently open their own underwater winery, offering materials, know-how, technical assistance, ongoing research, growing brands and commercial support. With this in mind, opportunities to generate revenue more quickly and with limited financial outlay are amplified.

In a market characterized by marked competitiveness and crowded with companies eager to elevate quality and commercial depth, the need to gain visibility to preside over the sector is increasingly felt. At the same time, there is a generalized growth in environmental awareness and a trend toward less waste, aspects that cannot be ignored by companies.

The underwater environment is naturally refrigerated and ideal for bottles: there is no need for air conditioners or the creation of thermally insulated land structures, with significant energy savings; especially in the Mediterranean basin, where at certain depths the temperature is almost constant, around 13-14 °C. Cellaring underwater also reduces the need for storage and allows limiting the size of the terrestrial cellar and land consumption. Added to this, when products are immersed in areas of recognized naturalistic value, in full respect of the underwater habitat, and a proximity production chain is created, local economic realities are favored, involving them in activities to support the business, also promoting food and wine tourism.

Jamin invests a considerable part of its resources (around 30 percent) in research and development, filing patents and activating synergies and institutional collaborations with university entities and private departments. Efforts are directed both to the creation of technologies and tools for underwater refinement and to research and improvement of the method itself, in order to have full knowledge of it and to improve even more the quality of the product.

Currently, thanks also to the resources obtained in the previous crowdfunding that saw the participation of more than 270 investors for over €600k raised, the following are operational:

  • 1 underwater winery in Portofino within the Marine Protected Area.
  • 3 active underwater wineries in franchising (Emilia-Romagna, Calabria, Molise)
  • 4 new openings already scheduled (Tuscany, Abruzzo, Lazio, Sicily)
  • 200 wineries involved in the various areas
  • 2 agreements in place with university departments (Enology and Biology)

30% tax breaks apply on Jamin 2 .

Jamin reserves the right of "liquidation preference" to all investors who join the campaign, who will therefore be reimbursed first in case of exit than the other shareholders of the company (according to the order of preference indicated in the bylaws). All conditions are published in the bylaws found in the Documents section.

Optional Rubrication service is available on the Jamin 2 campaign for a fee.


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