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It evolves the world of wine and spirits with a unique, innovative and sustainable method of underwater cellaring.

  • Entered the market in 2018, profitable in the first year already

  • The first to tackle research into cellaring at sea using a scientific method

  • More than 100 ambassadors and exponents of starred restaurants and haute sommellerie

  • Called for the conversion of wineries to the production of UnderWaterWines

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Since 2018, Jamin Portofino is the first company in Italy specialized in services for underwater wine cellaring. Jamin is the only one to deal with research on underwater cellaring with a scientific method, a novelty in the international wine scene, and to have filed a patent on UnderWaterWines, creating the first AOP UnderWater Champagne, aged in iso-pressure conditions in the protected seabed of Portofino at -52 meters. Using third-party products and dealing only with the underwater cellaring allowed an innovative and analytical approach. Underwater, the wine evolves its characteristics thanks to unique physical factors that are difficult to reproduce in the cellar: pressure, the motion of sea currents, constant temperature and the absence of light. Jamin's method immediately attracted the interest of the scientific community, the media, and its primary target: haute sommellerie and quality restaurants. The market has responded positively, with an exponential increase in demand that has allowed Jamin to close in profit since the first year of marketing, despite the huge investments in research and development.

Jamin is addressed to a curious consumer who is looking for something new with fascinating aesthetic characteristics that are reflected in overwhelming taste-olfactory impressions.

Customer need

There is a strong need for the average winery to distinguish itself from its neighbour in the "field". Entering a production niche , introducing something new, has always been a successful strategy, and this is also found in the currents of organic wine, biodynamic, orange wines, iced wines. UnderWaterWines is a vertically growing niche, but for the single producer it would be too expensive and risky to approach this production method without know-how, technologies and support.

Jamin simplifies this process by offering services to give wineries the opportunity to create their own UnderWaterWines in a short time, with reduced costs and with support for distribution, also taking advantage of all the advantages that this type of cellar offers to the producer (including the reduction of environmental impact, saving space in the cellar, reducing refrigeration costs, developing a "new" experience).


The wine world is generally tied to traditional production techniques, and reluctant to approach disruptive innovations.

Since 2003, the beginning of the underwaterwines trend, Jamin has been the only company to address in a scientific and analytical way the oenological research necessary for the process of underwater cellaring. Not being bound to its own product has allowed to apply the technique towards the qualitative goal, also thanks to the collaborations with Universities and consultants.

In fact, Jamin is the only one to have registered a patent on the underwater cellaring of wine at an international level.

Customer and Traction

The Jamin brand has achieved recognition in the sommellerie at an international level, receiving many enthusiastic reviews and supporting articles in important national and international publications.

Jamin has proven to be a growing reality even in its early years. In 2020 the company showed a decrease in turnover (related to catering) that did not change the direction and objectives of the project, showing resilience and making possible the development of the business plan and the internationalization process. Thanks to the marketing team, and with the support of external partners, Jamin is strengthening the online presence of the brand and adding new technical skills to the benefit of the services provided.


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