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INOM Luxury Auctions


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The first exclusive platform for buying and selling luxury properties using the auction method, dedicated to individuals, companies and real estate agents.

  • The platform unites thousands of already operational professionals in digital

  • Luxury and high-spending customer segment

  • The auction ensures pre-defined timing, transparency and impartiality in buying and selling, maximizing the value in the market

  • The potential market for fine real estate is valued at €1,310 billion, 24.5 percent of Italy's total value

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Yachts, art, objects and classic cars are sold through auction... what about luxury real estate?

INOM provides individuals, companies and real estate agents with the first exclusive platform for buying and selling luxury real estate through the auction method.

Thousands of luxury real estate purchases and sales are concluded every year, and demand is constantly growing.

But how does buying and selling take place today?

On the one hand, there are hardly sold properties that, given their prolonged stay on the market, go through negative perception and devaluation. On the other hand, there are properties that are sold quickly but do not garner maximum interest and, as a result, do not optimize the final price of the property. Basically, the market is poorly digitized, opaque, and uses outdated marketing.

From these critical issues comes the INOM project that introduces the auction mechanism to the luxury real estate market.

The auction, in fact, attracts for the starting price, allows for a well-defined selling time and to channel all interested parties in the same time window: this maximizes the value of the property on the market, avoiding the classic stalling of the sale that always leads to its devaluation.

With the funding raised, a certified platform with proprietary algorithms will be built, able to offer all services and content to those who wish to participate in the auction, even from the other side of the world.

INOM will complement the platform with the development of strategic and targeted lifestyle marketing through digital content, events, and visits to the property.

Investors who become Early Bird during the "coming soon" period will be entitled to a 7 percent equity boost, whatever the amount invested. To qualify for Early Bird benefits, the investment order must be placed during the first 7 days of the campaign.


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