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HiNelson is the player that, through an omnichannel strategy, is revolutionizing the way people buy boating and sport fishing products.

  • €2.5M in sales expected in 2022 with 25,000 orders generated (+67% vs 2021)

  • Strongly loyal clientele with more than 35,000 recurring and high-spending customers

  • Omnichannel business model: e-commerce + new store in Milan

  • Highly fragmented European market with lack of a clear leader

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For hundreds of thousands of boaters and sport fishermen, shopping online and offline for boat accessories and components is still an experience with a '90s flavor.

HiNelson 's mission is to bring boating into the new millennium by offering its customers an excellent shopping experience, the best content and products on the market at competitive prices.

Founded in 2018 by a team of industry professionals, HiNelson is currently theB2C boating and sport fishinge-commerce with a user base of more than 60,000 boat owners.

But today HiNelson is no longer just online: on June 22, 2022, the first of nine stores the company plans to open by 2025 was inaugurated . A place where people will be able to receive advice, touch the products, or simply become part of a community of enthusiasts.

Thanks to theHiNelson Academy, thousands of boaters and enthusiasts every day read articles, interact on the blog and play videos(+7.5M minutes viewed) with original and exclusive content on the world of boating and sport fishing.

With €2.5M in budgeted sales in 2022, HiNelson wants to make its way into the boating accessories and components market , which is valued at €8.3B in Europe. By gaining market share, the goal is to reach over €26M in sales in 2026 .

The company's expansion and growth process has been supported by a pool of business angels who have invested more than €1.5M in the project.

Thanks to the new funding round on Mamacrowd, the Company wants to become the online and offline reference point in Europe for all sea enthusiasts

Investing in HiNelson therefore means taking part in changing an entire industry!

Investors who communicate to us their non-committal interest in HiNelson's campaign already during the coming soon phase (the so-called "Early Birds") will be able to benefit from an exclusive reward system that provides 20% more on the value of each voucher than for those who invest in a live campaign (by way of example: €500 voucher becomes €600). To qualify for early bird benefits, it is necessary to invest during the first 7 days of the campaign.


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