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Graphene-XT is a nanotechnology company that produces graphene, the material of the future.

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Graphene-XT is an Italian company specialized in nanotechnology.
It deals with Research & Development and production of Graphene, defined as the material of the future because through its extraordinary characteristics it will revolutionize industry and everyday life.

Graphene-XT has obtained a grant of €290,000 from Horizon 2020, the European Union's funding programme for research and innovation.

It is a material of the latest generation discovered only in 2004 by two researchers at the University of Manchester, later winners of the Nobel Prize.

It is a super material because, in addition to being the thinnest of existing materials (only one atom thick and consists of a single layer of carbon with honeycomb structure), has the mechanical strength of diamond, 200 times stronger than steel, the flexibility of plastic and the transparency of glass.

It is also a material with very high electrical and thermal conductivity and has unique magnetic properties.
Used pure or integrated with other materials, it allows technical revolutions, innovations and performance increases.
Transparent and flexible smartphones, super batteries, hyper speed data connections, consumer goods with super performance thanks to graphene will be possible and will revolutionize our lives.


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