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Virtual Reality / AR

The most accurate computer vision technology. With artificial intelligence it identifies objects automatically.

Professional Investor

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min: 70.000 €

max: 150.000 €

64 Investments

200.621 €

64 Paid

150.000 €

Minimum goal

70.000 €

Minimum Order

499,80 €


700.000 €




GETCOO develops computer vision solutions based on Artificial Intelligence.
DART's proprietary technology quickly and accurately identifies specific objects or generic product categories.
It is highly scalable and already applied to different markets: from industrial components, where it reduces by 80% the time to recognize an object, to automatic machines; from cultural and artistic sector to footwear and fashion, with -40% of management costs returned and a strong time saving (from 5 minutes to 6 seconds per piece).

It also makes it possible to automate quality control activities, simplify warehouse processes and sorting processes both on and off the production line.


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