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The Italian oral care brand that combines technologically advanced formulas with innovative flavors to make the end-consumer experience unique.

  • Revenues tripled in the last two years with over €1mln in 2022 and positive EBITDA of 23.7%

  • Active community of +16,000 Dentists and Dental Hygienists participating in product development

  • 1 industrial patent and 2 international trademarks

  • Oral care market: M&A in turmoil (Marvis, Captain's Pasta)

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610.080 €




5 Mln€

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300 k€

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What is missing from the oral hygiene market?

A brand that listens to consumers, speaks directly to professionals, and creates products other than those that make brushing teeth a boring habit. A brand that makes oral hygiene a pleasure: Geldis!

Geldis' mission is to empower people to choose from a range of toothpastes, mouthwashes, toothbrushes, and more, opting for flavors and combinations they love.

Brushing your teeth every day is a necessary habit for the health of your mouth. Why not make this repetitive act beautiful, engaging and enjoyable?

No more seen-and-seen flavors, packaging and colors! Geldis combines technologically advanced formulas with unique aesthetics to meet the needs of a diverse target group of people who are not satisfied with what the market offers.

The company was founded in 2016 by patenting Geldis Daily Cleanser, an antibacterial gel for the hygiene of mobile braces, clear templates, and splints.

In a short time, the gel became a must-have for patients and professionals tired of seeing yellowed and ruined braces.

From there, a solid community of professionals was created who embraced the Geldis communication style with enthusiasm, as they were used to always interfacing only with intermediaries and not directly with the founders of a company that listened carefully to their suggestions.

From this continuous and direct exchange, Doctor Floss was born.

Floss with the technological and compositional features required, but with a Geldis touch: flavors!

Geldis goes beyond market standards, giving even the Dentist and Dental Hygienist the opportunity to recommend products that allow their patients to express themselves by choosing from Chocolate, Mint, through Lime and Bergamot floss.

Geldis chooses the best ingredients, focusing on vegan and cruelty free formulas, and respecting the indications of Professionals and Ministerial Guidelines, to guarantee the best in terms of health and prevention.

For the past 5 years, some of the values that have distinguished the company are listening and direct communication, without frills.

Social is not just a showcase, but a very powerful tool that allows the brand to ask questions, question, understand and evolve. Geldis has tripled revenues in the last two years and closed 2022 with a turnover of over € 1 mln and positive EBITDA (+23.7%) selling only on the Italian market.

The sales strategy is transversal and uses different channels: pharmaceutical distributors, Pharmacies, Dental Practices, e-commerce and Amazon. Production is outsourced: this allows maximum flexibility with a view to growth and to select excellent subcontractors depending on the product to be made.

Geldis' business model is scalable, and the company has structured itself to support the intense and consistent growth that awaits it, including abroad.

Tax benefits of 30 percent apply on Geldis.

Geldis reserves the right of "liquidation preference" for all investors who join the campaign, who will therefore be reimbursed first in the event of an exit than the company's other shareholders (according to the order of preference stated in the bylaws). All conditions are published in the bylaws found in the Documents section.

Optional Rubrication service is available on the Geldis campaign for a fee.


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