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Frankly Bubble Tea & Coffee


Frankly Bubble Tea & Coffee is the leading Bubble Tea chain in Italy. It manages 9 direct stores with more than 70 employees and aims to become the European reference in the Bubble Tea market.

  • High scalability Low investment <€100K and fast ROI>30% returns on investment

  • Leader in Italy: €2M Revenues 2021 and great expansion plan

  • High customer loyalty (approx. 40% of sales to loyal customers)

  • International team, competent and with relevant experience

Professional Investor

Professional Inv.

Goal min 500 k€

Goal max 1,5 Mln€

Total Collected

1,4 Mln€




9 Mln€

Minimum goal

500 k€

Minimum Order

498,83 €



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  • Market and Target
  • Business Model
  • Financial projections
  • Use of funds
  • Rewards for Investors
  • Team
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Frankly is the leading Bubble Tea brand in Italy; it operates in Northern Italy with 9 stores as of March 2022, including 4 in Milan (Navigli, Duomo, Loreto, Stazione Centrale), Bologna, Turin, Pavia and Bergamo. Each store has a particular and distinctive design that contributes to Frankly's identity and a sense of lifestyle . In addition, in each store it is possible to speak both Italian and English so as to ensure an international customer experience.


Bubble Tea is a coffee/tea drink enriched with toppings (e.g., tapioca pearls, fruit balls) that is enjoyed through an oversized straw that allows both the tea and the toppings within it to be best drunk. The drink originated in Taiwan in the late 1980s and quickly conquered Asia, then spread to the United States and established itself in Canada and Australia in the early 2000s. In Europe, Bubble Tea arrived around 2010 and immediately enjoyed great success. Frankly is the first Italian brand to offer this product, filling a gap in the market.


The menu offered by Frankly is varied, customizable and healthy . In fact, the drinks are 100 percent vegetarian, freshly prepared, and the customer can choose to compose the drink to his or her liking, even customizing the level of sweetness. Frankly also guarantees the consumer an ongoing offer that boasts countless products, with limited editions for special occasions and celebrations.

The innovative SME also has an e-Commerce channel for online sales, which offers a wide range of products, including Bubble Tea kits for making the drink at home and snacks to accompany it. Products can also be sold individually (e.g., toppings or syrups).


Bubble Tea at Frankly's costs an average of €4; its price may vary depending on the amount of toppings added. The main consumers are young people of Generation Z (15-25 years old) who are accustomed to social media on which Frankly plays a leading role with 50K followers on Instagram and TikTok. Indeed, the company is very active on social media creating innovative content and being shared by its customers.


Frankly boasts a highly loyal customer base due to the unparalleled strength of the brand.


On the Frankly Bubble Tea & Coffee campaign, the optional service of Rubrication free for the Investor as the costs are borne by Frankly Bubble Tea & Coffee.


On Frankly Bubble Tea & Coffee, the ' 30% tax breakapplies.


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Frankly Bubble Tea & Coffee

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