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Forno Brisa


A bakery that in less than 4 years has multiplied its turnover by 480%, hired 30 young people, opened 3 stores, grows its own wheat and wants to continue to grow.

  • Turnover increased from €352,297 in 2016 to €1.1M in 2018 to a forecast of €1.7M for 2019.

  • Best bakery in Bologna according to Gambero Rosso.

  • Nationally recognized brand with 10M online reads.

Professional Investor

Professional Inv.

Goal min 200 k€

Goal max 1,2 Mln€

Total Collected

1,2 Mln€




3,2 Mln€

Minimum goal

200 k€

Minimum Order

240 €



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  • Product
  • Customer Need
  • Market and Target
  • Customer and Traction
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Business Model
  • Competitors
  • Team
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Hello, Forno Brisa!

We are a group of young people full of passion who in 4 years have opened 1 laboratory, 3 ovens and taken charge of a farm, where we produce our cereals for part of the production.

We have hired 32 people with the average age of 29, and we are twisting the common perception of the bakery and the baker's craft, maintaining a pace of growth that has taken us from a turnover of 352,297€ in 2016 to 1,700,000€ in 2019 (forecast in line). We move in a sector - that of healthy, naturally grown food, produced with great care towards the environment and human health - that in recent years is devouring entire slices of the market and we approach it with a fresh, light and unmistakable style.


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Forno Brisa

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