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Produces handcrafted eco-friendly glasses made in Italy, sunglasses and eyeglasses including ophthalmic lenses. They can be purchased online, at partner opticians or in monobrand stores.

  • First made in Italy eyewear brand that integrates the purchase of ophthalmic lenses online with traditional sales channels

  • 3 mono-brand stores in the main Italian cities and over 120 partner opticians throughout Italy

  • The pilot store in Turin is experiencing a 267% growth rate over 2019

  • Numerous exit strategies at 5/8 years

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2,5 Mln€

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500 k€

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498,68 €



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The artisanal eyewear of Fabbricatorino is distinguished by its sophisticated design and the extensive use of eco-sustainable materials.

The brand promotes digital innovation through an omnichannel shopping experience that combines the best aspects of the online and offline worlds.

A forerunner in Italy, in just a few years Fabbricatorino has opened 3 monobrand stores in major Italian cities and has demonstrated the validity of the business model, integrating the tradition of Italian eyewear with ecological sustainability and digital innovation.

The objective of Fabbricatorino is to become the benchmark for the digital evolution of Italian-made eyewear around the world, aiming for a turnover of 20 million with a EBITDA of 40% by 2025.

Glasses now represent a highly personal accessory that speaks of the wearer's style and way of being. However, the shopping experience in large optical retail chains can be poor and blurred.

Fabbricatorino is inspired by fashion brands and aims to make the purchase of a pair of glasses more emotional, lively and interesting, through strategies that integrate physical and digital aspects. All of this, without neglecting the technical aspects of ophthalmics

The innovativeonline platform wants to digitalise the consumer experience in an optical store with a series of services that are completely innovative for the Italian market.

In the form of a test, the customer receives assistance in selecting the perfect frame. Once they have chosen their favourites, they can take advantage of the test at home service to try out up to three frames free of charge with no obligation to buy. Alternatively, a configurator follows the customer through the customization of bespoke ophthalmic lenses, creating a real-time quote.

The platform is able to collect a large amount of data, based on which all strategic decisions are made, with an entirely data driven approach. In addition, the innovative SME is designing and developing a customised CRM, with the aim of streamlining all business functions and optimising the customer relationship, thereby also improving the retention process.

With an active fanbase of more than 40,000 people, online presence accounts for around 30% of global sales. At the same time, the B2B channel has reached a network of more than 120 partner opticians, in Italy alone.

The pilot store in Turin is recording a267% growth rate over 2019 and after the showroom in Rome, which reached break even in less than6 months, we opened our third store in downtown Milan, which surpasses the break even point in just 26 days since opening.

The press has documented the evolution of the brand in recent years, supporting its growth. Newspapers and magazines such as Il Sole 24ore, La Stampa, Vogue, Forbes, La Repubblica, Corriere della Sera and many others have reported on Fabbricatorino.

The Fabbricatorino campaign is available through the optional service of Republication free of charge for the'Investor, since the costs are borne by Fabbricatorino.


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