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EZ Lab guarantees traceability and anti-counterfeiting in Agrifood, aiming at new Blockchain application sectors: energy, real estate and health, starting the traceability of COVID-19 diagnostic kits.

  • Traceability project started for COVID-19 diagostic kit

  • 40 blockchain traceability projects in agribusiness and Made in Italy products

  • NewCo: RElabs leverages blockchain in real estate

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Goal min 200 k€

Goal max 749,99 k€

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742.737 €




3,5 Mln€

Minimum goal

200 k€

Minimum Order

248,85 €



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New opportunities: EZ Lab extends the campaign to give space to new investors, to deepen the opportunities of the Decreto Rilancio and to tell all the new projects, such as the NewCo RElabs, for the application of blockchain technology in the real estate sector.
The business unit related to the traceability of diagnostic kits for the identification of the Covid-19 virus, through blockchain technology, continues to grow. The demand is huge, also from abroad, so much to push the innovative SME to launch also a recruitment campaign for professional figures to spend on this new activity.
After the beginning of the corona virus emergency, the requests have tripled, to ensure security and traceability, in different sectors.

EZ Lab is an innovative SME specialized in advanced digital solutions for the agri-food sector. It was among the first companies in the world that moved from words to deeds and in 2016 realized the first case in the world of traceability in the wine supply chain, from field to bottle, creating a blockchain registry for the wine of Cantina Volpone.

Since 2014, the year of its foundation at the university incubator Galileo Visionary District, EZ Lab has carried out about 40 blockchain traceability projects in agri-food and Made in Italy products, a very rare case in Europe: it is involved in the ministerial testing of blockchain applied to 5G technology, thanks to a project with Wind/3; moreover, it is a business partner of IBM food trust, IBM's blockchain platform for the retail sector.

In 2016 its AgriOpenData platform was awarded at SMAU as the best technological innovation for the traceability of agricultural products. In 2017 EZ Lab was the only Italian company selected by the Thrive incubator in California, specialized in the foodtech sector.

Theobjective of the equity crowdfundingcampaign is on the one hand, the consolidation of the excellent positioning already achieved in the agrifood sector, and on the other, the launch of joint ventures and partnerships with Key Players in new sectors such as energy, supply-chain, logistics, legaltech, Insurtech, smart cities, manufacturing, art and anti-counterfeiting.


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