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Eso Recycling


The circular economy that breathes life back into shoes, clothing, and work or sports equipment destined for waste, turning them into flooring and furniture.

  • One of the most well-known national and international players in the field of circular economy applied to fashion

  • Industrial project already underway: first plant in Tolentino (already licensed and operational), second plant in Bari in progress

  • Existing business agreements with major multinational companies (Decathlon and DHL), from the fashion, construction and utilities sectors

  • Industrial technology, for shredding and separation of materials, patented

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ESO RECYCLING is a benefit company committed to sustainability and reducing the consumption of non-renewable resources. It specializes in the recovery and transformation of discarded sports accessories and industrial waste into new products, following a vertical circular economy model.

More than 24 billion pieces of footwear are produced worldwide each year, 90% of which (about 20 million tons) end up in landfills or incinerators, harming the environment (source: World Footwear Yearbook). ESO RECYCLING takes action by recovering discarded footwear, work materials, and even bicycle tires, tennis balls, and clothing, which are collected nationwide from stores, municipalities, and sports federations.

ESO RECYCLING's key innovation is a patented processing system that shreds and separates the mixed granules into their original components (rubber, plastic, and leather) to obtain a new raw material. This process uses advanced magnetic technologies to separate and recycle individual materials in a differentiated manner.

ESO RECYCLING under the commercial brand esosport, already has 300 collection points and has made more than 27 playgrounds called "Betty's Gardens" across the country, as well as the first athletic track named after Pietro Mennea in Barletta.

Esosport products are made using granules derived from recycling collected materials. The reclaimed rubber tiles and accessories are certified to ensure safety and durability over time.

From tests on the collected footwear, ESO RECYCLING found that about 50 percent is rubber, while 30 percent is composed of non-rubber materials that can be recycled in the construction and industrial sectors. The remaining 20% that cannot be recycled is disposed of in licensed facilities.

Unlike other recycled rubbers on the market, the granule produced by ESO RECYCLING has technical and functional characteristics similar to newly produced rubber. This makes ESO RECYCLING's recycled rubber a more cost-effective alternative without compromising the use of natural resources.

The company has an ambitious business plan and plans to build 10 plants throughout the country. The first, which is already operational, is located in Tolentino in the Marche region, and 9 other plants of various sizes and production capacities are under development, starting with the one in Bari, Puglia, which is currently under construction.

Through this equity crowdfunding campaign, ESO RECYCLING intends to continue to develop the business plan and complete the opening of the Bari plant, to continue to regenerate waste materials and waste and give them a new life.

By participating in this circular revolution, you can actively contribute to environmental sustainability and responsible reuse of resources.

Become part of the circular revolution!

Eso Recycling reserves the right of "liquidation preference" for all investors who join the campaign, who will therefore be reimbursed first in the event of an exit than the company's other shareholders (according to the order of preference indicated in the bylaws). All conditions are published in the bylaws found in the Documents section.

Optional Rubrication service is available on the Eso Recycling campaign for a fee.


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Eso Recycling

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