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It increases the earnings of non-hotel operators and improves the guest experience.

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EDGAR is the Concierge App customizable by each Host (Property Manager, B&B, Hotel, Camping or other) that allows you to manage the relationship with their customers (Guest) before, during and after the stay and increase earnings through upselling of internal and external services.

In recent years the hospitality sector has been disrupted by the explosion of the non-hotel sector. New operators have sprung up and the needs of Guests have evolved, who are increasingly organizing themselves via their smartphones. All too often both new hosts and traditional operators are not equipped with the technology needed to meet these new challenges and see their margins shrink. Yet, about one in two tourists buy extra services at their destination from mobile without the intermediation of their Host.

Edgar positions itself in this context to equip Hosts with a technology solution that restores their central role in each Guest's travel experience.
On the one hand, EDGAR allows Guests to satisfy any need related to their stay through a single app. On the other, it allows Hosts to save precious time, increase revenues and enhance service quality.

The product was born from the synergy of two start-ups: Guide Me Right and 1000 Italy. The core team has years of experience in digital travel. The first pilot test was carried out in Sardinia in the summer of 2017 and allowed us to validate the interest from the accommodation facilities and, above all, from their guests. In November we started a business acceleration path in Florence at Nana Bianca. The product is now available throughout Italy, with more than 500 active facilities.

Edgar is the only Digital Concierge with an internal marketplace of experiences and services (Guide Me Right) that allows each host to directly and digitally manage their service providers, to sell their proposals through their App. In addition, Edgar integrates a series of external services so that guests can discover events at their destination, book a transfer throughout Italy and much more.


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